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Author: JMFelic

Chapter 0 Prologue

Word Count: 1128    |    Released on: 01/09/2018


thing I remembered when I w

y dream in detail. What clung in the recesses of my brain was a blurry face of a man, standing in my f

l hot the moment I opene

I am what you would norm

r of SNBTVM - the Society for Ne

group of people

in my mid twenties age huh? Probably that'

me to volunteer for an outreach program that has an indefinite time frame of when it will be done. I was glad to extend a h

This area became our temporary residence. Our day-to-day routine consisted of cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for our imm

this is my calling - to help those in need and to provide care and assistance for the sick and

ly excluded from

travel bag. Halfway from finishing the task, my special Iphone ringtone r

ithout even checking the name r

but don't judge her quickly by the way. She is actually the best mother anyone can have. Sweet and caring, a very good cook, and overly supportive i

here. My flight is at one. I am just finishing ever

relief was clear in her voice. I w

ormation. She is living together with my step-father, who owns a publishing company. I

want to make sure that you are really leaving. I don't want to hea


e me. I definitely do not want to abruptly end my

say that. The nuns in St.

misses you. You really should clear up

l my eyes upwards. "Yes, Ma. I get it, " I sai

ourg. It's not her fault anyway. Aunt Marcella has been constantly

d was her husband's funeral two years ago. I guess she needed someone to talk to that's why she wanted me to visit. I didn't really mind it though. She is my favo

ASAP alright?" Her jovial tone was finally evident. I bet she is the only woman - if not the who

ant, " I lightly mocked, but I greatly

from the outside of my tent. Curious of what the commotion was a

one when I heard my mother replied. "Call me when you a

will Ma. Lo

y personal bag, I exited the tent and found that the commotion was indeed f

bering the youngest of the three brothers pronouncing it 'ooosum' - struggling with the words quite

ing to calm myself down and ease

tinian Sisters too. They have become a family to me. I can only

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