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Vampire's Love

Vampire's Love

Author: Sarvi

Chapter 1 Ivanov palace

Word Count: 1659    |    Released on: 22/02/2021

ina '

I love my room and I appreciate everything I have as I know how much hard my parents work to provide for me. That's why

all my life. Now I am have to live with them. Even if it will be for

ind? That too to that monster Alexander Ivanov. He literally is the uncrowned king

s brothers Are the first descendants of Vampires ever born in the world. Th

Vampire's existence and they're fine with them a

d, then you will become a vampire like them. powerful and you won't age. You age every hundred years. so, one fact

carried on wi

ou know how proud we are of you? " My mom bea

not selected. " my father said as he returns fro

y when I won a full scholarship for Harvard

am serious, Kat. we can be powerful and wealthy if

e us proud of becoming th

nce the council introduced this dumbest thing. " I told th


it. Immediately I was engulfed with a hug from

ver for you. " Ana said as she broke from the hug. she wipes her tears. " call

ossible. " I replied smu

s here. " a polite middle age man said

Ana goodbye as the ca

ittle time to marvel at the magnificent sc

I got closer to the castle. Acres and acres of beautiful farmland covered in lush green. It's a treat to the eyes, I wondered

ks of the lake and continued into an enormous forest, green grass filled with infinite flowers. The sky was clear wi

huge black grilled gates opened and let us in. I gasped at the sight of the building. It was


has a big fountain of water and a huge ga

for you ready. all your clothes will be put into the closet by now. . You can sleep this afternoon and meet the guy

alace was, it was silent. Only the sound of our hee

s is you

d in front dark brown wooden door and pushed it

anging all around it. There were two tables, one was against the wall in front of the bed and the other was just outside the windowed doors on the balcony. I walk

" was all I mana

uble doors. I opened the one on the right. There were several racks and

s was a smooth, dark, round coffee table adorn with an ivory lace doily in the shape of a flower. Three black goblets with a candle in each one sat in the middle of the the table. A fireplace was on the right side of the room. At the very end of the room

want to live here, why not enjoy my stay here. I decided to enjoy the luxury it offers

uld no longer hear her footsteps

the first thing about being a keeper. I'm scared...all of this at once. What if I don't have what takes to be a vampire keeper? What if I mess up? Being taken away from usual life and b


o something comfortable. She's soon asleep on

r room looked out over fields planted with roses and tulips. She had no idea how far the city

ed she's is in trouble already. She shivered at the thought of what might happen. She might g

on her door and op

king for your presence i

ord speed after all he is going to l

see a group of girls talking to themse

terday night itself and master asked them to

en, yay! I am attending Harvard


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