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Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 7 Trespassing

Word Count: 1258    |    Released on: 02/08/2021

came in. And now, the first sentence

Rachel looked at

Rachel noticed that Jack wanted to stop Alice, b

y accident, he stood up faster than everyone else. He rushed t

y memory she had of the past. Everything happened so fast and was so overw

tried, she couldn't remember anything

d actions just now c

ions to ask the police offic


icemen felt that Rachel was looking to cause trou

him, smiling and

ile and charming eyes, he began to dou

prohibit anyone to enter their house?" Rachel spoke unhurrie

frowned because he found

ed to letting them live there? Is it called trespassing? Should the

e. Why are you asking such questions with obvious answers? It's a

answer, sir. In that case, please help me drive these p

was dum

ad a problem with me and Alice, but you need to stop this. If you have any grievances and complaints, just let me know and I promise you we'll adjust ou

orget about what Alice has done, but she'll

o finish talking, and

uld be driven away, it should be you!" After saying that, Alice said to the police, "This woman was no longer part of our family

l is your sister. Your father has not made a decision yet, yo

by and watch Rachel walk all over me like that? Look at me! I'm injured! The second she got

Rachel stepped in. Now that he had seen his wife, and daughte

out of my house! You

rang in ever

t, and for a second, she was a

nt. Before she could even begin to think about it, Alice reached

ed her own hand to grab Alice's w

sound of cracking bones signified

nnet!" Jac

hey had no idea that Rachel would

ther she could really hurt

ned to the police and asked, "Sir, you saw what just happened, righ

use of self-defense!" One of the policemen

her a lesson, it would bring sham

fense caused great injury, then it is classified as an excessive use of force. Miss Alice Jenkins tried to hurt my client, Miss Rachel Bennet. My client made sure that s

d, "Therefore, good sir, what my client has

man stopped in his tracks

e fight. Although Rachel dislocated Alice's wrist, it was justifiable

nd gave it to the police. "I'm An

ard and asked, "I seem to recall that

ze, Andy showed no sign of timidity. He just nod

ad hurt someone?" the other policeman asked in disbel

rying to report

e not," s

atience, and they sounded more and more impatient. If they weren't conc

ver has been made clear by

olicemen aske

d. Afterwards, Andy handed a document to the polic

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