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Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 10 Switching Dates Is Fun

Word Count: 1278    |    Released on: 02/08/2021

ked her to take a seat and began applyin

t was already six o'

tor wanted from her. All sh

l was sitting with her back to the door, but through the mirror she

one of the me

dy in a few minu

on the table as Eva close

o change into your o

ing in astonishment. "Who

id, her polite yet weirdly unsett

for the slightest piece of information

eeping gesture. "The staff here

or a while longer, then stood up a

Rachel's eyes hardened at the sight

taring at the dress

ted from her. This flimsy piece of cl

nd her. "Mr. Sullivan aske

have a license. He also wanted me to tell you that he

t almost stop

How on earth did he find out so many t

didn't go along with his plans, Victor

ave trouble with the will. She cou

he was at Vic

at the hateful dress. Clenching her fists,

inutes," Eva rem

wild side of the

exclusive establishments, frequen

p, a restaurant, a cozy jazz bar, an arcade, a casino and a disco, each establishment taking up an entire floor.

ravagance, which meant that most people would live their w

fore cautiously walking inside carrying a decanter of red wine. He bowed in

nly one here without a date," said the middle-aged man sitting on the other side of the sofa. He

r fun, you know. I might start thinking that you are not a man o

who was standing by

ssman, one that Victor wanted to work wi

e next quarter of the year. It was a project that would cost billions

ever left the

up was in search of investors, this m

ive the man the right to be arrogant in front of Victor. If Victor wanted to, h

ely expressionless, ignoring the provocation. H

ned when he saw that his wor

ictor didn't tak

before. Other companies always begge

" The businessman huffed, unabl

ked at the man. "Mr. Guzman, you

rowed his eyes bu

eceived, Ivan strode to Victor's side and

smiled and announced, "Mr. Guzman, why don't w

it up,

agree?" As soon as Victor finished his sentence, the

osing the door behind him. As Rachel e

look at Rachel an

el was obvious. Her elfin face and the way her dress hugged her figu

ore and more intense a

asked in a hoarse voic

vious attention and couldn't stop th

, he put his goblet on the table and put on a broad smile. "This is my dat

iately agreed. "Absolutely! What a wonde

women in his life, but that woman b

ty within his grasp, he cou

date into Victor's arm

s. She was going to fall straight onto Victor's lap, and she

e, though, she really wished he wo

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