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Goodbye, My Love

Chapter 8 The Clap Back

Word Count: 1056    |    Released on: 06/12/2022

er and checked the trend table. He

spotted with her new love

s goin

ed down only to find pic

he car door as she got into the car and

accompanied by a

se Group, Cayson Benton. After divorcing Marco, Loraine got herself another rich man.

wild guesses after t

she was dating him even while she was married. I thi

ly discovered her true colors, so he divorced her. She'

in her. Poor Marco, he got married to a promiscuo

ne, making the news

d Cayson w

ating that its CEO no longer had any ties with hi

led insults at Lorain

ent that Rowan Tor

s ridic

se as he slapped the

e are yet to settle scores with them, but they are currently playing the victim. They have stepped on our toes. Don't worry.

is military connections to destroy the

an, please

you still have feelings for M

y disgusts me. I hav

ted at the thought

le doubt that Marco was ruthless. How dar

Why did she fall in love with a

in love with Marco. I just don't want you to get involved. I can handle it

one came through. It was from Loraine's other

me help. I recently bought an entertainment com

ou, Uncl


ordered you to put o

ace was red with f

elations department trembled

o the roof when he h

ete that statement right away. Tell o


ons department swung into action, Carl rushe

yant. Miss Torres

the iPad im

st was long

the three years they were married. The screenshots showed th

of the Bryant family had warned her cou

affair with Keely. They seemed much cl

t Universe Group because of her affiliation with Cayson

that the Bryant family did to me. Not anymore! I can beat my chest

e post wa

ments soon beg

that she's innocent. Marc

r yourself by exposing that scum's true colors. Th

the wife of such a rich man lived a miserable life

nion took a di

online. His attention was on the job interview detail

egree in archit

no idea ab

rely knew her. And this was his fault

past, he felt a sense of longing. A warm feeling enveloped his h

aph of her statement, he knew th

call her to ta

his phone and di

ing at all. It cu


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