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Goodbye, My Love

Chapter 4 Divorce Agreement

Word Count: 816    |    Released on: 06/12/2022


er sobs, it was as though she was finally grieving all t

ts died young. Rowan is busy with the army, and Wesley is workin

armth flood he

, I won't do anything

hat you know what you're doing. I'll ret

figure rushed ove

ve missed y

in surprise. "Jennie! W

apped her arms around Loraine, raised he

as I heard tha

the bedroom so as

yes filled

s a Torres and cut off all her connections. In the

missed yo

wiped the tears from Loraine's face

our heart? Just you wait.

ve made up my mind

ges ago! You are a Torres; you can have any man you want. In fac

Loraine a new boyfriend

areer is more imp

red over the past three years, Lo

e CEO now. Ask him to arrange a position of vice

oraine sho

ennie didn't

lawlessly. I don't want to

's properties are all yours. Besides, Cayson has been obedient to yo

to apply for a job in the company. I'll start off as a construction

nfident her pl

e bold and self-assured Lor

world with all your talent. Then you can trash Ma

e trauma he had caused her was too

d indifferently. "I don't want anything

ed a drawer and t


s office and asked Marco, "

t. Without raising his head, he answer

was Loraine who hurt Keely out of jealousy. I suggested she donate her kidney because I was worried abou

ina sharply. "Loraine is my wife and your sister-i

arina pouted. "She said she wanted a divorce? Well, I think she was putting on

rina's words were

entered the office and

m your wife. She request

gone for long but already her true colors are showing. She's unable to support

. He opened the pa

here was a divorce agreemen

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