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Goodbye, My Love

Chapter 3 The Torres Family

Word Count: 880    |    Released on: 06/12/2022

e hos

in the room was

re of Marco's anger over

nding doctor was

the doctor and asked coldly, "Kidney rupture? She

weat. Unable to explain himself under

he doctor a

, you've shown me that you don't

eing serious. With just a few words, he would nev

doctor finally

I won't make the same mistake again

!" Marco

ediately dragge

pale face. His eyes were full of disappoin

ean it. It was only because Loraine didn't like it when you were n

ed to teach her a lesson by making her give up a

ation was getting wor

, I had no one to rely on, and I was ill. I was afraid you'

Keely crying,

would take care of you, a

, "But Loraine is legally my wife. Don't play tricks

was st

sn't she embarrassed you enough these past three years? Do you want to spend the rest

hear about my m

scared Keely so much that she

to rest and think ab

rence, but he couldn't help secretly feeli

ected Loraine to

onsidered divo

r simply because

who had no one to rely on, no money

e had been an obedient and well-behaved

eptable to maintain t

divorce, he would explain the situation cl

g me my wife back, and don't let anything happen t

ate appeared

ned. "What

Mrs. Bryant left the hospital, she w

did yo

enched h

that things were about t

id, "Find her and the ma

Loraine open

ward, alone. She was in a

ree years, you're back. Why would you do th

voice, Loraine

ting beside the bed. His face was

family, Loraine

ld have left home. I shouldn't have hur

ftened when he saw his favorite niece cry

died in an accident, and you were lost in the countryside. We tried so hard to f

Aldo Torres, the owner of Universe Group in Vagow.

roup. Hundreds of millions of properties will be yo

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