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I'm The Unwanted Wife

I'm The Unwanted Wife

Author: king17

Chapter 1 kissing a woman

Word Count: 1777    |    Released on: 17/08/2023



five years since we got together. Nothing changed. Th

ut I still haven't come home. I always come home late. It always does this. Sometimes I come h

ar that had just entered. I stood up to meet Keil.


's legs were wrapped around Kiel's waist while Kiel's two hands

oman's moan. They both giggled and laughed. I remained standing. I c

walking while kissing. They passed me like a breeze. They passed m

at the two while going up to the second floor. I heard the woman's moan again. Wit


tears flowed. Like it was said at our wedding. I am the wife b

the companion was already asleep. I caught my breath. I needed to breathe

again and again but nothing changed. It still hurts. It's still hea

and let my tears

just waiting for my heart to lighten up. I remained bowed while the tears were still flowing. I di

bbed the railing of the stairs to hold on to it. The weight is heavy in my chest as I step. With e

I passed Ezekiel's room. I almost ran to my son's room when I heard one


messy. The toys scattered at the foot of the bed. I slowly approached my son who was f

Kiel Va

l. I hugged my son. I have no regrets for what we did. I will never regret what we d

ouldn't hear me because he was dead asleep. I wiped my tears. Aren't you used to

ill h

I saw earlier but I couldn't. I feel that even though Ezekiel

re I went to the veranda of my son's room. I hugged myse

ng. My heart aches for what Kiel is doing to me. The wind blew my loose hai

there. My tears have dried. I kissed my son once on the cheek before closing my eyes t


wly stood up to see who it was. My son is still asleep and I can breathe easy

d face to face with me. My son's room is in

e out of here?" I feel the woman's annoyance. Kiel is always like

. I don't know what to feel. The woman's eyes

s is the only way I know that Kiel is only w

y emotions are varied. I felt pain and envy. I b



tely closed the door and immediately went to my son's bed


y son. I'm sorry for this because I can't stop mys

ay back on the bed to be next to my son

to see what kiel is doing. I don't want to hurt my c

xt to me. I opened my eyes and saw my son who had just woken

head. It's still early. I got down from my son's bed and I saw his whole room even

nodded before heading straight to his bathroom. I immediate

embered last night again. My eyes flew to the closet when it opened and Kie

aching me. My leg was shaking. I took a step back once becaus

but I didn't add it anymore. It's just in my mind. Kiel laughed a little t

to pray too, maybe it will come true." this cold sabe br

e after saying. My tears flowed one after the other. I do this for my son. I just want it

Rile V

, heartless, cold, and arrogant. He's handsome with his brown eyes. He is the ma

the on

woman. I felt pain. The bed is a mess. I started cleaning. I don't know wha

child. That chi

l in my womb. My son is never a mistake. I f

ne rang which was in the pocket of my soot robe

ster, soon we will see and be w


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