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The world was full of chaos, disaster and tension only the strong can survive. Deliver us O'Lord their sound and tone everyday. No one can predict what could happen next as the Devil sends more disciples to conquer the world. The novel "The God of Arena" is a fantasy novel full of love, loss, hope, battle and war. After a long time of slavery and conquest of the world by the devil, God finally hears people's prayer by sending a disciple who possesses the ability to unlock the Trinjule sword of heaven. The only sword which can conquer the evils. Only the chosen one can unlock the sword. The Story God of Arena is a story full of action, love and battle. Suitable for all ages.

Chapter 1

Amidst the shrill sound of insects in the cold night, Lord of the jingle nation sir Louis led his citizen to gather at the castle to worship their gods with lamps in their hands as they walk in groups. It's another praying season of the year against war and slavery.

The citizens of jingle nation gather in the castle and sat down on the floor with sir Louis sitting at the front.

They placed their lamps by their side and place their hands together in prayer with their eyes closed. In one accord they pray to their gods for protection, guidance , peace and harmony.

Jingle nation has been one of the peaceful nation amongst the three nation's. Her citizens lives in peace and harmony. Jingle nation is a land filled with milk and honey and a lot of natural resources. Green fields for vegetations and good soil for crops.

It was just barely half an hour into the prayer when a swoosh sound was heard from the castle door and boom everything clashed. All the houses on jingle nation were set ablaze. Screams and cries can be heard from every angle. The warriors of scorpion nation which were led by Harold surround the cast while others went into the nation to capture the citizens. The citizens in the castle rose to their foot to see what is going on and where the sound came from. Sir Louis drew his sword out from it's sheat in defense and ready for any attack. The women hug their children to themselves while the men drew their swords when they saw the Lord drew his sword. Sir Louis saw the warriors on horses in the dark and ask the women and the children to step back while he went forward with the men to defend the castle.

" Take your children's and step back" sir Louis said with his long grey hair flying in the air due to the cold night breeze blowing in through the castle window.

Harold walked into the cattle on his black horse and stood before sir Louis with his thousands of warriors behind him. It obvious Harold have no good intention, as for him it was a perfect timing at a perfect place.

" Louis long time no war" Harold said with a deep voice and sir Louis kept a straight face and look Harold in the eye.

" What do you want?" Sir Louis asked not battling an eyelid. He has this feeling that Harold is up to no good. The women and children shrink back in fear when they saw the shadows of scorpion warriors from afar. One thing the people of jingle nation is afraid of is slavery. Jingle nation have been free from slavery ever since sir Louis became the Lord. Other nations who have been colonized wonder how sir Louis manage to protect his nation.

" I want you Louis" Harold answered with an evil grin on his scarred face and sir Louis blue eyes became deep and dark.

' is he here to colonise us?' sir Louis thought silently and the same thought swam in the citizens mind but they have high hopes on sir Louis, they don't have to worry as long he is here.

" You can't have me Harold, neither can you have any citizens of jingle nation" sir Louis said with full confidence as he tightened his grip around his sword. There is no way he is going to let Harold capture him and his citizens even if it means using his last blood to fight him.

The scorpion nation are well known for their taste for power. A lot of nation's have been colonized by them with Harold leading the warriors. The scar on Harold face was given to him by the ruler of the Nation which he colonised last.

" Let's see how you are going to stop me Louis " Harold said as he retreat back into the middle of his warriors.

" Attack!!!" Harold voice sound through the deep night and down into the forest where Robert Louis is hunting all by himself.

The warriors charged toward Louis and his men and clashing sound of swords can be heard in the air along with the swoosh sound of arrows and Spears. Houses were set ablaze and piercing cry of the citizens who refused to go to the castle running Helter skelter can be heard.

Robert saw the flame coming from his nation and he immediately dropped his game and run down to jingle nation through the deep forest. He had gone deep into the forest to hunt and thus wasn't aware of what is going on. All he knew is that something is not right.

The clashing sound of swords turned the atmosphere into chaos, children are seen running from one to another place. An arrow flew from the air and hit sir Louis in his right arm. He pulled the arrow out forcefully from his shoulder with painful expression on his face and buried it in right eye of one of the scorpion warrior that was charging towards him with his sword.

With blood dripping down from his shoulder he slight a warrior throat open and the blood gush on his body. He proceed forward and slight two other warriors in their bellies and they fell to the ground. His long grey hair is now filled with blood with his clothes all filled with blood. He move forward to look for Harold, since he is the master mind and leader of the scorpion warrior. If he can get Harold then every other person's will surrender but if he don't, his life and that of the citizens of jingle nation will be in great danger. He slid through the warriors like a swoosh in the air and saw Harold standing at the top of the castle with a bow and arrow in his hand.

Swoosh! Harold shot an arrow at sir Louis and sir Louis wage it away with his heavy sliver sword that is covered in blood. He tried not to show any sign of weakness as the wound in his shoulder keep weighing him down. With a painful expression he shot an arrow towards Harold at the top of the castle and it hits him perfectly on his chest. Harold fall back and pull the arrow out of his chest with gritted teeth and throw it down. He took another arrow and shot it at sir Louis which hits him on his thigh.

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