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Veronika Kimberly was made to pay off her parents' debt to a ruthless mobster. Making Veronika feel like living in prison. She had to lose her virginity for her freedom. Veronika tries to escape from her country, so that the mafia cannot find her. Will the mafia succeed in finding her?

Chapter 1

"Ahhhh .... " Veronika was surprised to see someone who was sitting while smoking a cigarette in his hand with one leg supported by the other.

"Who are you? Why are you in my house? You must be stealing." Veronika said quite loudly to the man in front of her.

The man squinted and looked at Veronika from head to toe.

"Take her," Without further ado, the man ordered his men to take Veronika away.

"Let go! What are you doing? Hey... Where are you taking me? You want to kidnap me... Let go!" Veronika babbled as her hand was forcefully pulled by the two men in black, following the man who was now walking towards his car.

"What a noisy little girl!" Muttered the man walking in front of Veronika

Now the girl's eyes began to glaze over with fear.

"Please..." .... Help... me... " Veronika screamed but no one dared to help the girl who was now crying and being forcefully dragged into the car.

"Oh my God, what a pity that girl had to be sold to the mafia," said one of the neighbors who knew the man who took Veronika away.

Veronika continued to struggle in the car.

"Where are you taking me..." Veronika kept asking to be released

"Can you be quiet?" said one of the men holding Veronika's hand.

But the girl continued to rebel, unable to stay still at all,

until the man sitting next to the driver stared intently into the rearview mirror looking back, this was the first time he had joined his men to retrieve the people who had been sold to him.

"Stop the car" in a cold tone made the driver stop the car immediately.

The man immediately got out of the car and exchanged places with his men who were unable to restrain Veronika who continued to rebel.

As his men were about to get out, Veronika also tried to find an opening to escape but instead of escaping, she received a hard slap on her smooth cheek.

Plakk .....

"Ah... it hurts..." Veronika cried as she looked at the man beside her.

The girl cried inwardly and then shifted her sitting position to be closer to the window to avoid the handsome man who slapped her cheek earlier.

Veronika had no idea who they were and what they wanted to do to take her away and she didn't even know where she was.

Those sharp eyes looked to the side and the little girl continued to hold one of her cheeks that had been slapped while looking at the window.

He was Sean Anderson, one of the notorious mobsters.

Everyone who recognized him would be afraid of him.

No wonder Sean easily hits or slaps people he considers naughty. Unruly because he doesn't like people like that.

That's why Sean slapped Veronika because the girl never stopped pissing Sean off.

There was no sound since Veronika was slapped and the girl could only fall silent without saying a word.

Veronika closed her eyes, the girl was now asleep because the long journey made her sleepy, especially since it was getting late.

The girl's head now accidentally fell onto the thigh of the man beside her.

Sean was surprised to find Veronika's beautiful face which was now fast asleep on his thigh, Veronika's beautiful face was seen by him.

Her white and smooth skin with thick eyelashes and neatly shaped eyebrows made the girl perfect.

Sean averted his eyes, not wanting to continue staring at Veronika who was fast asleep, there was a strange vibration that made Sean want to continue staring at Veronika's beautiful face.

Sean wanted to wake the girl from his lap, but it was difficult for him to let go of the girl from his lap. So Sean let the girl keep sleeping on his thigh, anyway if the girl woke up it would upset him later because he was sure the girl would rebel again.


The bright morning made those beautiful eyes blink.


Veronika tried to get up even though she was still sleepy.

"Why is it so heavy?" Veronika mumbled.

Then the girl slowly opened her eyes and saw that both her hands were locked by someone who was hugging Veronika's body.

Veronika quickly turned her head to the side and saw the face of someone nearby,

Veronika almost kissed the person beside her.

Their noses had even touched first.

Veronika was shocked and wanted to scream, but only after taking a good look could she see the handsome face of the man who kidnapped her.

Veronika turned her head the other way, looking around at everyone in the room.

The room was huge, and luxurious, like a beautiful star hotel.

Veronika had never set foot in a place this nice, it was her first time in a room this luxurious.

Veronika slowly tried to wake up from her slumber by getting rid of the large hand that was wrapped around her waist.

The girl began to move from the luxurious bed she was sitting on.

Looking at the man who was still fast asleep and then looking at his body that was still complete with the clothes he wore before.

Veronika let out a sigh of relief because she was surprised,

because she thought that the man she was sleeping with had done something wrong to her.

The girl stared at the door and paused for a moment to think whether she should run away or not.

Veronika however thought of trying to escape even though she didn't know where she was.

The girl walked towards the door while holding the doorknob which turned out to be locked.

Veronika pouted and turned her body around.

"Ahhhhh... Ghost ...." Veronika was surprised when someone was suddenly in front of her.

Sean grinned as he saw Veronika suddenly surprised by him.

Veronika who saw the man in front grinning was immediately frightened,

The man in front of her was about to slap her face back.

"Little girl, you want to run away."

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