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Stuck With A Stubborn Wife

Stuck With A Stubborn Wife

Job Mocellin


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to marry someone whom you have never met before? Helena was devasted when her CEO husband sent her divorce papers and insisted that she signed them. To him, she was just a gold-digger who wouldn't say no to money. Much to his astonishment, Helena refused stubbornly, "To hell with your money! After all that I have been through, you want to divorce me? Jokes on you! I won't divorce you even if you give me your whole fortune. You are in this for life!" Wanna find out why Helena was hell-bent on staying married to him? Read on!

Chapter 1 Where Was The Bridegroom

Helena Wright was set to be married today.

However, her fiance, Kellan Pearson, was nowhere to be found. Rumor had it that he had gone to be with another woman.

At the City Hall, where couples were awaiting their marriage registration, Helena found herself completing the formalities by herself.

"Mrs. Pearson, I apologize. Mr. Pearson had an urgent matter to attend to..." A middle-aged man tried to explain to Helena, though he seemed doubtful of his own words.

"Joaquin, it's alright. I'm aware that Mr. Pearson has lots of commitments," Helena replied with a gentle smile.

After all, anyone who was forced to abandon the love of their life to marry someone they didn't care for would be resentful.

Both she and Kellan were pushed into this marriage.

"Mrs. Pearson, Mr. Miguel Pearson suggests you move into Mr. Kellan Pearson's residence. Given that you two haven't met, now, as a married couple, it's time you get to know each other," Joaquin said.

"I understand." Helena agreed, knowing she couldn't return to her original home.

The Wrights had originally planned for her younger sister, Daniela Wright, to wed Kellan. But Helena's grandfather, Lachlan Wright, had made a call before he died, to Miguel, Kellan's grandfather, and then Miguel insisted that Kellan marry Helena, who grew up in the countryside. Her own family treated her like an outcast.

At least now, she had a place to stay in.

"Please get in the car, Mrs. Pearson." Joaquin opened the car door.

Upon arrival at the grandiose mansion, Helena couldn't help but notice its imposing solitude, which she found strangely peaceful.

Once Joaquin had assisted Helena in settling down, he promptly returned to report to Miguel. Then, Helena's phone rang.

"Leena, the surgery is scheduled for three o'clock tomorrow afternoon." The caller on the other end of the line was Phillip Simpson, a cardiologist at Wellness Hospital and Helena's former senior during their university days.

Helena, renowned globally as one of the foremost experts in heart disease treatment, went by the professional alias of Leena. Besides her marriage, Helena had another reason for her return to Flison this time. Phillip had requested her expertise to perform a crucial heart transplant surgery.

"Have you found a suitable heart for the patient?" Helena asked.

"The patient found this donor. We've conducted tests, and it's a perfect match," Phillip explained.

"Alright, I've reviewed the medical records. I'll head to the hospital tomorrow morning." After chatting for a while, Helena hung up the phone.

In the morning of the next day, Helena rose early and descended the staircase. The villa remained eerily quiet, just as she had anticipated. Kellan had yet to return, likely still in the company of the woman he loved.

He despised this marriage to the core, and his resentment toward her was understandable. It would be unusual if he were to return. She was just glad he wasn't there.

Upon reaching the hospital, Helena found Phillip already waiting for her at the entrance.

"You haven't had breakfast yet, have you?" Phillip had thoughtfully prepared a hearty breakfast for her.

Helena didn't decline. She accepted the breakfast and proceeded to review the patient's file. The patient, Alyssa Collins, had suffered heart damage in an accident three years prior, and needed a heart transplant.

Helena quickly finished reading the patient's file and finished her breakfast.

"Has the heart been delivered?" Helena asked nonchalantly.

"Well..." Despite having something to say at first, Phillip decided to hold his tongue after giving it some thought.

Helena lifted her head and turned to face Phillip, sensing a problem.

"Phillip, what's wrong?" Helena asked.

"The donor's still alive."

"Alive? And this person has consented to this transplant?" Helena raised her voice. This seemed beyond cruelty. Typically, a living individual wouldn't donate their organs unless facing imminent death.

Seeing Phillip's unease, Helena quickly deduced the situation. She stood up, demanding, "Phillip, take me to see the patient now." Helena went straight out of the office and Phillip followed immediately.

"Kellan, I'm terrified. Is this doctor competent?" Alyssa was in the ward with tear-filled eyes and a worried look on her face.

"Alyssa, don't be afraid. Leena is the best doctor in this field. She's excellent." The man consoled Alyssa. He had gone to great lengths to secure Leena for Alyssa's operation, using all of his connections.

Helena pushed the door open, and the man and woman in the room turned to look at her upon hearing the noise.

When Helena caught sight of the man's strikingly handsome face, she was dumbfounded!

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