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When She Left, Pregnant

When She Left, Pregnant



"Let's get divorced, she's back." On their second wedding anniversary, Adrian asked Eva for a divorce. "I can live well without you." Eva found out she was pregnant and decided to raise the child alone. Feeling like he must have been crazy, Adrian couldn't stop missing Eva every day after the divorce. He searched all over the world until one day he saw the woman he had been searching for walking happily with a child. "Whose child is this?" Adrian was shocked.

Chapter 1 Pregnant

New York, Cleveland Clinic

"Congratulations, you're pregnant, and the baby is healthy."

Eva Hansen clenched the report in her hand, her expression a mix of disbelief, surprise, and joy.

"You will need to come in for regular check-ups. Where is the baby's father? Let me talk to him for a moment."

The doctor's words brought Eva back to reality, and she smiled awkwardly. "My husband didn't come today."

"He should have come. No matter how busy he is, he should accompany his wife and child."

As Eva left the hospital, a light drizzle started outside. She gently touched her small belly.

There was already a little life growing inside her. It was her and Adrian Blackwood's child.

Her phone vibrated, and she glanced at it. It was a message from her husband, Adrian.

"It's raining. Bring an umbrella to this address."

Eva looked at the address, The Kieran Club.

Eva thought, "What kind of place is this? Wasn't he supposed to have a meeting today?"

But Eva didn't hesitate too much and asked the driver from the Blackwood family to take her to this address.

"You can go back now," Eva told the driver.

"Madam, don't you want me to wait for you?" the driver asked.

After some thought, Eva shook her head. "No need, I'll go home with Adrian later."

Since she was here to find Adrian, it would be better to go home together.

Following her instructions, the driver, Jack, quickly drove away.

The light drizzle had turned into a heavy downpour.

Eva held her umbrella and walked to the entrance of the club. It was a billiards club with an upscale decoration. She was soon stopped at the gate.

"Sorry, miss, please show your membership card."

Eva hesitated for a moment but eventually decided to send a message to Adrian's phone.

"I'm here, how much longer until you're done? I'll wait downstairs." After sending the message, she stood nearby with her umbrella, gazing at the rain while thinking about the pregnancy report.

Should she tell him directly when he comes out? Or should she wait for his birthday to surprise him?

Lost in her thoughts, Eva didn't realize that she had become the subject of conversation among the people upstairs.

A group of people leaned against the window, looking down at the figure below.

"Adrian, Eva actually came. Does she really think you would get wet without an umbrella?"

"She truly loves you."

"Nonsense!" a lazy and deep voice came from the corner of the private room.

The man was tall with long legs and a handsome face. He wore a grey designer suit and sat on the sofa, crossing his legs.

He raised his hand slightly, revealing the exquisite and luxurious watch on his wrist. "Give it back."

His mischievous friend could only return the phone to him.

"Why should the phone return to its rightful owner so soon?"

"Alright, if Vivian wasn't here, you wouldn't even have had the chance to take his phone."

The group jokingly teased, looking towards the woman sitting next to him in a white dress, who had a beautiful appearance.

Upon hearing these words, she smiled and gently said, "It's not right for you to play pranks using Adrian's phone and make fun of me."

However, her friends by her side didn't plan to let them off easily and started teasing, "Who doesn't know that Vivian is the most important person in Adrian's heart?"

"Even if you ask Adrian, he would say the same. Am I right, Adrian?"

Upon hearing this, Vivian Morrison couldn't help but look towards Adrian.

Adrian curved his thin lips without denying it.

Seeing that he didn't deny it, the teasing from the crowd increased.

"We've said it before, in Adrian's heart, no one is more important than Vivian!"

Amidst the teasing from everyone, Adrian lowered his gaze and quickly replied to Eva's message.

"No need for the umbrella, you can go back."

When Eva received this message, she felt somewhat puzzled and replied, "Is there a problem?"

She waited with lowered eyes, but Adrian didn't reply again.

Perhaps there really was something important going on.

Eva decided to go back.


Someone called out to her from behind, and when Eva turned around, she saw two stylishly dressed girls walking towards her.

The tall one glanced at her with disdain and asked, "Are you Eva?"

The expression on the other party's face showed hostility, but Eva didn't hold back and replied confidently, "And who are you?"

"My identity doesn't matter. What matters is that Vivian is back. If you have any sense, you should stay away from Adrian."

Eva's pupils contracted.

"Why are you so surprised? Haven't you realized that Mrs. Blackwood, who has been on a two-year leave, is being foolish? Do you really think this position is yours?"

"Look at her face! Could it be that she's unwilling and wants to compete with Vivian?"

"Is she crazy?"

Eva turned around and left, no longer listening to what they had to say. The voices of those two women calling and cursing were drowned out by the rain.

When she returned to the Blackwood family, the butler was startled to see a drenched figure standing at the door. Once he recognized her face, he exclaimed, "Madam! Why are you so wet? Come in quickly."

Eva's limbs were a little numb from the cold, and as soon as she entered the house, a servant immediately wrapped a large towel around her body. Another servant came to dry her hair, and a group of people gathered around her.

"Quickly, go prepare a hot bath for Madam! Also, make a cup of hot chocolate."

The servants of the Blackwood family were in chaos due to Eva being drenched, so no one noticed when a car entered the gates of the Blackwood family. Not long after, a tall figure appeared at the door.

Suddenly, a cold voice spoke up.

"What happened?"

Upon hearing this voice, Eva, who was sitting on the sofa, trembled. Why did he come back now?

Shouldn't he be with his Vivian at this time?

"Sir, madam got caught in the rain."

"Caught in the rain?" Adrian's dark gaze fell on the petite figure on the sofa.

Upon seeing her face up close, Adrian furrowed his brows. Eva was completely soaked, with damp, soft hair sticking to her pale skin. Her once rosy lips were now devoid of color.

"What's the matter with you?" Adrian's tone wasn't friendly, his brows furrowed.

Eva struggled to control her emotions before looking up and forcing a pale smile, explaining, "My phone died, and on the way back, I encountered a child without an umbrella."

Adrian's gaze suddenly turned cold.

"Are you too kind-hearted?"

The smile on Eva's lips froze.

"He didn't have an umbrella, so you gave him yours and got yourself drenched in the rain. How old are you? Do you think I would praise you for doing something like this?"

The servants nearby glanced at each other, but no one dared to speak.

Eva lowered her gaze, a mist forming in her eyes.

She remained silent, trying her best to hold back.

It was only when Adrian approached and lifted her sideways that her hot tears splattered onto the back of her hand.

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