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The Billionaire's Dirty Dancer

The Billionaire's Dirty Dancer



Skip Hamilton is Upper east side's resident Playboy who has slept with everything with legs , male and female. He is not only a playboy but a master businessman and is unrivaled at closing business deals. He is also very particular about keeping his playboy lifestyle away from his work life and he succeeds in separating this two until Divine enters the picture . Divine Jackson is what everyone assumes an average college student should be. Except, Divine is an orphan and must have a steady source of income if she wants to get a degree from the University of California. What better way to get a steady source of income than something she is passionate about ? Divine is an erotic dancer by night and an average student in sweats by day. She has enough money to be a temptress even by day but Divine's mantra is also to never mix business with school,so she is deeply disappointed when Skip shows up in both aspects of her life and threatens to rain down on her parade .

Chapter 1 Milk Tea

Divine Jackson sat down in her last class for the week trying very hard to listen to what the lecturer was saying , nothing was getting through because she was so exhausted .

She grabbed her coffee cup and emptied the milk tea that she had bought on her way into the campus earlier .

This was bad , she always made sure her milk tea did not finish before she was ready to leave campus because then she got cranky and nothing the lecturers said ever made sense .

Divine felt it again, the eyes that she always felt on her during class .

It had been going on for a while , she would feel someone staring at her but she never looked back because there was just too many people sitting behind and she would rather not draw attention to herself by turning around.

Someone asked a question regarding the mid semester assignment he had given them and Divine sat up straighter , she had also been having issues with the assignment .

The lecturer told the guy that had asked the question that if he had read the previous notes , he would not have issues with the assignment , so Divine quickly drafted a couple of notes that she needed.

1. Go through the last class's note again.

2. Finish my draft on the mid semester business analysis assignment.

3. Drink some fucking water.

Divine wrote the third one down as she noticed the flaky , pasty feel her palm was giving her .

She was probably really dehydrated or maybe she was just over exerted , she had never really been great at knowing when to stop,she just worked till she broke down or something worse happened.

She put her pen down and looked back up at the lecturer that was giving them yet another assignment to do when she was still defaulting on the last one .

Divine groaned deeply into her hoodie, she groaned a little too loudly and the whole class seemed to have heard because they all began to chuckle.

Divine raised her head slowly, avoiding their eyes as she smiled apologetically.

The lecturer had stopped what he was doing and was looking at her sternly .

" Miss ? ", he called stiffly , his voice cold over the public address system of the lecture auditorium .

Divine jumped on to her feet, upsetting her books and thankfully empty coffee cup as she did so.

She bent down to pick her things , earning more chuckles from the class as she huddled around clumsily .

" Sir ? ", She replied quietly.

The lecturer took off his glasses and began to rub his temples , closing his eyes for a second before he opened them again to regard Divine .

" Does my class bore you so much ? ", He asked in an obviously snarky manner.

Divine shook her head hurriedly before realizing that he wanted her to talk .

" No sir , I am sorry ", She apologized, hoping that he might just stop talking if she did.

Standing and having everyone's eyes on her was beginning to get at her.

Her palms were getting sweaty and her vision hazy , she needed to sit down or fall into a pit or just dissapear from all of their memories .

The lecturer shook his head and turned back to the PowerPoint presentation he had been reading from , he stared at it disdainfully for a few seconds while Divine debated seating down or waiting for him to say something to her .

" Fuck it ! ".

Divine jumped a little on hearing the teacher curse via the public address system , the whole class waited with bated breaths as the lecturer forced his glasses down his face , grabbed his lecture materials and stomped out of the class .

The class waited till he was completely out of the auditorium before they broke out in whoops and cheers .

" Thank you , Jackson !!! ".

Someone screamed from another part of the class and it immediately became a chorus as they all began to thank Divine and escape the class .

Divine smiled nervously and fell into her seat , she waited anxiously for most of them to leave the auditorium before she hurriedly began to pack her books into her bag .

As soon as she was done , she swept the path to the exit of the room to make sure she would not encounter any body as she tried to run out , it was safe so she stood up and began to speed walk out of the class .

As she walked , she caught sight of a guy somewhere at the back of the classroom staring at her.

His stare was piercing just like the one she had been feeling during the class , so she stopped to stare back at him , she had never noticed him before .

He was handsome with blonde hair cut very short and several piercings , one in his nose, one on each ear and blue eyes that made you want to stop when he focused them on you.

Divine realized that she had been staring so she quickly ran out of the auditorium and down the hallway that led out of that block , she found a trash can and threw out her three coffee cups before she resumed her walking .

She ran over to the row of bicycles that would take students out of the campus and ran to the very edge where her baby was packed .

She fetched her keys and put on her helmet, she glided on to her motorcycle smoothly and started her engine , letting her baby purr to life .

She waited a few seconds for the purr to settle her nerves before she rode out of the school , earning grunts from people as she rode recklessly past them .

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