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The Billionaire's Dirty Dancer

Chapter 4 -Side hustle

Word Count: 2224    |    Released on: 22/11/2023

tment complex and secured her bike before hea

floor , seven because that was her lucky number and th second apartment because that was the first

corners of the elevator and waited for

n a foot clad in boots appeared , star

w and had almost never encountered someone

to reopen and eventually open

h ginger hair that was cut in a pixie bob hangin

green eyes that was surrounded by black eyeliner

hat showed off a stomach tattoo that looked like the roots of a tree, along wit

and another Eco-friendly b

s the elevator opened an

of the elevator , creating even more

put in her floor number , she did not turn back after that and inste

put in , so she stepped forward , stretching to catch a glimpse of

d , if she was really up to it but Divine was not exactly the most social on the block so she just too

cket and Divine put her hand

it when she noticed that the only other oc

e ginger haired girl studying her , s

, ri

that was code for when it dawn

ow this girl she had never seen bef

e's stance and how she held her helm

, I just guessed that you ar

not her fault ,she had simply n

s something wrong with the building and

, I am


t name doesn't e

softly when she realized w


and the ginger girl to

rfect. That suits y

Star , it did not suit her , sh

breath , like she was testing it , she seemed to like

ted Star's trai

oor do yo

ing into her eyes , Divine had

ngs from her eyes wh

and the doors were opening , Divine wanted to

tepped out of the elevator ,

ive on the sev

nly sm

was never any noises just very late in the night or during the day but then somedays I would see someone running out or in and the per

discomfort she had caused her neighbours , her hea

und and immedia

okay ? ",

ndering why Star h

is me ,

Divine's direct neighbor ,Divin

n Star began to rummage through her

, the apples were so red , it looked like someone

le holding the other

g why her neighbor wa

day keeps the

e room while Divine stood there , a lit

apartment when she remember

n and checked to see that i

out in anyway , except there was something really

soon as yo

ed her number , she pick

? I got your text .I

n her clothes and leaving them in a pile to be sorted out later , she ran

hat we usually make per night so of course , I want to get my best girls out tonight and I know today is your day off , today is also Dee and Rene's day off which is

ching underwear and headed for the giant windows , she open

t she had confirmed that the problem was not that the club had burnt t

ll be a little late though , I need t

honey , take your

n the farthest couch before sliding to the floor and

doorbell ring and rushed to her feet , picking up an oversized tee that she had kept

n in front of another apartmen

house to house , that meant when she ordered food in

y Star had given

doorbell go off again , she waited for a moment

rprising the delivery man that w

d and the delivery man ran out while she

rom the Korean restaurant and finished with some fried ch

and she got up, still semiconscious as she heade

ped it on before she slathered her legs with shavin

into the shower putting it at the maximum heat she coul

nd stuffed it with a change of lingerie , a white

a long white strap before zipping up the extra

taking a few minutes to understand wher

red heels , they were a six inch heel , the first expensive shoes she

ht , she grabbed a little black gown and began t

e , she ordered an Uber

y break a body part but Divine could walk wit

g a moisturizing lotion because her hair w

d up her large Chanel bag

her neighbours as she headed out of t

identity and drove off , headed f

Inferno was an even more exclusive club , called Red Inferno , that was where Divine worked a

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