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The Billionaire's Dirty Dancer

Chapter 3 -Billion dollar hoes

Word Count: 1369    |    Released on: 22/11/2023

olders seat at their companies quar

ion on their stocks and market for the past three mo

nd worked everyone hard for it but the stock mark

nd was now looking at him

em , Cher ? ", He

her head

d troubled , I was wondering if you

r her to continue , crossing his le

H&M entertainment have seen a twenty- two Percentage increment , the shares at Ham Foods have also seen a seventeen per

s and shareholders broke into a round of applause that had

aving Skip to end the se

loser , drawing closer to it so

ng this good news , I would like to say just one word to you al

ty !!!! ", Skip scr

oined them as he ran out of his seat and o

r California to celebrate and call up the guys, tell them to be ready i

nference for Monday is there , would

ed, consi

the guys about i

linging the remote somewhere else and getting out of his suit jacket and shirt , a bottle of whiskey was waitin

letting the cold burn of the liquid rush down his throat like l

ares to the highest profit margin they had ever experience

lders and management said nothing about how he had inherited and not earned it, even when he had dating and partying sca

and staring out the glass windows of his office

checked the caller

to pick up his phone alone , especially with unknown numbers but

se noise that could only be from a club or anything associated with a DJ , he put the

", Someone whined lo

r , Matt Fillis and he was partying so loudly and

ing loud there ! ", Skip exclaimed into the

d hiccuped twice

ust have stolen my phone because I can't find it , I borrowed someone's phone and already dialled a cou

g that his friend was okay even t

want to know is how the meeting went , do I get


e month , get to Drey and ask him to get you to Las Vegas , we are lighting Las Vegas up ",

at had been provided by his family ,

ed into t

dy picked his phone , spoke Italian and told me I was welcome to call the Interpol on

d back up , picking h

going on a break for one month ", Skip sa


of hours later, he found his friends already waiting for him , they had all c

iately flew past his face before the spray reached him , he laughed heartily , Matt was shi

rty dog , he could sober

l and Alex , their

club I just got wind of , the strippers there are insane and that is where

immediately began to whoop loudly at the prospe

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