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When I'm With You

When I'm With You


Chapter 1 Rafi Gonzalez - Clarkson

Word Count: 1555    |    Released on: 21/12/2021


e called an alarm clock on top of the bedside table. "How

s and adjusted to the sudden brightness coming fro

oice but to get up and do my morning routine. I hate mornings. I'm not a morning person. Sometimes, I just have no choice but to pull myself out of the

only by my parents, two of my friends, some relatives of my husband, and of course, his grandfather who sat in a wheelchair was also present. The pe

z Clarkson. I'm 26 years old, a woman living in her simple dreams... but that was before our wedding happened. We

enim shorts, I finally got out of my room and hea

o months... my husband. I'm used to it, I mean, his behavior. The thing I'm not used to is seeing him in the kitchen when I wake in the morning

breakfast as his both hands are

including me called him 'Liam'. I'm sure you want to find out how he looks and what

on shirtless, only in magazines as he's been featured as the youngest billionaire and top-earning CEO according to Forbes). He also has a shar

ach other. I just don't know outside or in public as we haven't seen each other in public since the day of our wedding. And another thing, he loves to keep his voice for himself... he would speak when h


seconds, I managed to compose myself, went straight to the fridge, and

k all the pancake ingredients from the fridge and start cooking I h

and didn't see me. How am I supposed to get to meet you? What should I do? Yo

g and pretended to be oblivious of his dominant stares. Hmm... I don't care what he thinks. I clearly remember what he tol

ll I do is think of you. And deep inside, in this heart of mine

ment he stood up, took his plate and sil

ntinued humming the last part of the song which is 'yeah.

ous face, h

de since you seemed to love exercising your vocal cord

ticed my vocal cords earlier while I was taking

miss his sharp intake of breath as if

come back!'- I laughed mentally behi

ng a few steps away from

So ann

g the last part, but

ttered under my breath with a chuckle and decided to continue the song where I ended a whil

s wearing a business suit, so I'm sure he's going to

n--- of course, made by myself--- I called the attention of

asked them to stop what they're doin

vants around me so I really appreciate their efforts. Not to mention that my adoptive parents taught me how to be kind and appreciate

child died when she was only three years old due to leukemia, and three

ief over the loss of their only child, the heart of being parents still

about me, so without second thoughts, they took me and brought me with them on

e, second best, or a replacement for the real Rafi. They loved me and gave everything parents should have given to their children. And be


ins in the ne

oughts about the characters and the story by posti


e Anne

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