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When I'm With You

Chapter 3 Wedding Kisses

Word Count: 1876    |    Released on: 21/12/2021

need when I have you here beside me, here beside me. So you could give me wings to fly and catch me if I fall or pull the star

ve (Jim



around me and saw that almost everyone was doing the same thing. And do you know what that means? They just

ding reception? Seriously? I just hope they all

iss..." They all s

he annoying smirk on his lips was

eir cheering? They

words as he suddenly pulled me closer to him and kissed me. And when I thought it was just a simple kiss

ach and all of a sudden, I found myself reciprocating the movement of his lips. I sensed how

ion, the only thing that pulled me back to my sa

lled, followed by loud appl

of being embarrassed, he had the arrogance to

e," he smirked before drinking the

lose to his ear. "You seem to be enjoying kissing your wife tonight, huh? Remember,

waist. "You're not my type!" And he whispered an inch from my lips

words, a stupid idea came to my mind that made him su

pite the twinge that crept into my heart. "But don't consume too muc

out it. I was just teasing him just like what he was doin

st my name or even think of having an affair or I won't hesitate

at?" I asked, despite the

other man in the right place that I'm

out even looking back and totally left the venue

ve?" Jace instantly came to my side, bu

aul also ran to me and asked. "What di

exchanging sarcastic comments then why did he walk out?'- I asked myself no

wo asked in unison but

my mind thinking? Because in the first place, why would he get jeal



o reality when my parents and

my mother-in-law, the worry was e

ded, not knowin

e... no... actually, they a

was my mother, who took both my

gged, shaking my head. "

Mr. Vincent Clarkson patted me on the shoulder. He's Liam's grandfather... the re

m behind and I know from the warmth


around and took both

are you ap

this marriage. I'm sorry if you had to go thr

her tears. "We are family, so it is our

f the said property was used as collateral when my grandfather, Robert Rodriguez borrowed a huge amount of money from Liam's grandf

lose friends were invited. My in-laws hired four private photographers to capture all the details and since this h


. This has been me from the beginning pretending to be strong in front of everyone, e

ife should feel in his every kiss. But what made me confused even up to this point was his reaction when I told him to don't consume my energy and let

am R

assigned to be my personal driver. And even though I'm not used to having a personal driver a

ed at me and I nodded

ped my lips when a three-story v

curity guards complete with rifles and ot

- Oops! I mean, it can be used to kill birds

tuff and kept them in my apartment with Paul and Jace. Yes, we were sharing an apartment before L

d by the maid who opened the entrance door.

evening," I gr

are so beautiful,

nt of me, covering her mouth in surprise. I haven't washed my fac

i, Mrs. Clarkson is a way

ny, Mrs. Clarkson----I mean, Rafi." She smiled but then

irt on my face?"

er head. "You jus

d, smiling at her. I remember that's the same rea

think I've seen yo

ded. "I'll tell you why in so

nd helped me bring my

huge living room. "Whoa!" I uttered in surprise as it is double

m with light wood and linen upholstery. Illuminated by a cacophony of circular pe

ant to close

e and wide staircase... the Greek God himself and my husband, Liam Samuel Clarkson who left me

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