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When I'm With You

Chapter 2 Wedding Bells

Word Count: 1840    |    Released on: 21/12/2021

y is like a fairy tale come true. I wouldn't ask for more than being with you. I wanna spend

o (Juris


ells. Wed

I was still inside the bridal car and it gave m


took a deep breath. Today is my wedding day but no matter how hard

ings that can happen to a woman like me or should I say once in a lifetime celebration,

t will happen if I jump into the now empty driver's seat and drive the car away from this chaos. But then I bit my l


and Jace, my gay best friend

opened the door but the only response they

I will support you! Come on, fasten your

ggesting?" Paul glared at Jace as he

this is just an arranged marriage, so it's up to her if she's going to walk into that church, marry the

re... arranged marriage is such a funny concept. All your life you are ta

Jace! You know how powerfu

" Jace correcte

ing married is just a simple thing, duh!" I said rolling my eyes. Well, I had to interrup

ng a straight line. It's as if they couldn't believe I said those words where

g married, so you don't h

as anger issues and can swallow

... the word is that I have to... because I don't

he? Besides, have you forgotten who I am? Hello, I'm Rafi Gonzalez an

the car and soon I found myself standing

, deep breath. My friends were already inside the

w minute

sight. Yes, this is just a forced marriage, but I have to admit that my in-laws put their extr

l be in a few minutes is doing the same, so I tried my b

eep on staring

y, I started to make slow

the wedding song and I couldn't h

e had this feeling. I found in you in

s on my mind---I do

' like this, I don't wanna e

to roll my eyes because I know no one can

feelings will never change. You know I want to forever live in th

e passed my hand to the coldest and rudest man I

know that such an accident would turn into a 'di

oldest man I've ever met, so for sure you already k

on, ladies an

y mind was still on the man standing

ombie! If I just didn't love my parents

, but I continued to talk to mysel

or, but one thing is for sure, I will never let my guard down and even though this marriage is on papers only, sti

lank when he sudde

the priest is saying, dumbhead!" He said in a

umbhead?'- I blinked repeatedl

e looking back at the priest w

ve me more strength to control myself and my f

s, clenching my

me but that good looks just don'

aw how I raised

ing and when it comes to the moment where the groom and

don't want you to be my first kiss!'- I looked at him, slow

ilish smile before cuppin

red, my eyes wer

as he continued the opposite of what I was begging for. He pulled me closer

to my surprise, he pulled me around the waist a

med to be enjoying the show in front of them... of course, who wou

ide I enjoy it. I felt a sudden spark ignite all over my body when he pulled me, but my mind screamed before I complet

the priest say and that's the time I pushed him,

t the same time as I looked at him and noticed the win

our first kiss, sweethear

my throat when he brushed

t's just for a show." He whispered ag

ed an

say that my first kiss happened on my wedding day and the one who got it was none other than my husband.

his face, but it only took a few s

nd and pulled me towa

how has

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