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When I'm With You

Chapter 4 The Face Off

Word Count: 2000    |    Released on: 21/12/2021

. And I'm sure that you're an angel in disguise come take my hand and together we will rise.

of love (Reg


r leaving me on the day of our wedding!" I muttered

he slowly but elegantly approached my direction. Hmm... th

's the first question he asked th

answered pointing to t

lowly a frown started t

sking you about your thing

hought I was just kidding but I wasn't and maybe he was expecting that a lady like me would

hes, including your bags, shoes, and othe

brow and smiled at his confusion. "Well, I don't have many clothes. I only have two pair

ure if the frown on his forehead means confusion as he couldn't

couch direction while I was left gritting my teeth and throw

ho immediately resp

, Si

you, so I can se

ing on the couch. "Jenny, you can call Liza if you need help

tly nodded and before I co

your room if that's what bothers you, but for now, we

ay that," I r

down on the couch across his seat so we could end the

small table. I followed the movement of his hand and

and I leaned forward

signed the contract, now he's giving me a white folder. Wh

ened it only to be surprised when

sked more to myself

rd," he said and I looked

ack card, but what I mean

mirked. "Th

dropped i

e that card to buy anything you want, shoes, clothes, dresse

eciate your point but, I can buy stuff and the things I want without asking you anything, especially this card. After all, this

n changed from se

! And even though this marriage was just forced, arranged, or whatever

g his voice. Haist! How can someone so handsom

I am using

ent for a

ng, Rafi, I'm not doing this

e saying I'm an irresponsible husband who c

d my mouth as well. "So how about--- I mean, what do you call when you left me at the reception

ked, a mix of serious and mad expre

witnessed the ceremony, so who would know if you're married or not?" I asked with

istake. Anyone from our competitors will make a move to destroy me and bring the company down, so plea

these pa

ur eyes righ


leaned back in his seat and it's the second surprise I received

azed up at him wi

" He said with

y contracts do I have to sign in ord

tly, but he already mentioned what's written on

married to me, you are not allowed to have any re

still smiling. And even though I like the

romance while we are in this marriage and until you have paid in ful

ady memorized everything written here, so I

esponse I got and he continued stat

what is stated in the contract, you will have to pay double the 30 million dolla

w! How


aring what he said. It rea

that amount, and your grandfather’s indebtedness would be gone and considere

nger at a loss when he's the one to break the contract... hmm...'- I



ou lis

'm listening to you!" I su

nd stop staring at

just assuming things, Mr. Clarkson!" I

ow you that the CCTV


finger pointing to the CCTV camera installed at t

t!" I told him in a seri

back to t

just the one who made it together with his lawyer. I highly doubted it was from his grandfather because of the little t

that I can also file him a case if he

n he

on the lower-left corner of the bond paper

ady put my s

m. I'm not blind, you know... I wante

everything in the contract and

I said, for

can sign

illy idea came to my head, so I straightened my seat again an

I'm not allowed to have any relationship wi

then eventuall

th the same sex?" And I gave him the wides

rough gritted teeth. I also noticed how he fo

rugged as I continued to laugh. "Tss! you're suc

from him so I signed

d that urge as I don't want to be killed by my own husband at that very moment. Ther

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