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When Love Comes Late

When Love Comes Late


Chapter 1 Unknown Husband

Word Count: 1088    |    Released on: 18/08/2023

n stood waiting at the waiting area

s since she got off the plane. And yet, her husband whom

ile frowning. She already had a bad im

their first meeting. H

nd go, she couldn't help but

after her grandfather came

ome to see him. It was then he made it known

ather adopted her from an orphanage and raised her into the adu

man her grandfather picked fo

ing day. Someone else stepped in to ha

all. All she knew was his name

as the right choice. Her so-called husband wasn't p

ike the hundredth time. An add

her phone to call her grandfather, a screeching so

reeching halt in front of her. The

she saw a familiar face, she b

person she expected to see n

e car, he pouted. "Your return is so important. We haven't seen each other for a long time. As your

rised or deceived

and sucked her teeth

to lunch." After grabbing her suitcase with one hand, Oliver p

o with you." Ste

occurred to him a moment later. "Is it because

r a word, but her

remind you that he has never contacted you since y

s lost fo

fore I did. How can you trust a man that has ignored your ex

defensively, "But Grandpa said M

d keep his word since he

"Even if you still want to wait for him, you don't have

ng, a tall figure appeared in th

e phone. "I'm already at the ai

ne. "Remember, Ella is wearing a red dress today. She

n you stop worrying?" Matthew's eyes were

escription his grandmother gave, d

a man's car while he h

ned cold. "Got to go, Grand

he same time, an icy glint le

phone, turned ar

steering wheel grew tighter as he wat

rom it, he smoothened her hair dotingly. Although Matthew

ling on th

e laughed a

urprising? He should have k

their marriage. They had never met or gotten to know each other over

grim line. He took out his

e started his car and zoo

in a simple and elegant light-colored bus

mpanies in Seamarsh. The employees were, i

quarters of the group. With her excellent resume, she had gotten

lations department, Luna Jame

was going to be working for was

name when his marriage was being signed. Only those

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