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When Love Comes Late

Chapter 3 Perverted Client

Word Count: 1193    |    Released on: 18/08/2023

e then introduced her to the other employees. "Listen

eet you all. It's an honor to be part of thi

tella's rapid onboarding. Th

k for Mr. Clark personally? She looks pretty. I wonder

lark has an eye for the best talents

gets to work closely with Mr

her smile remained the same

face became a shade redd

ed the flames of he

yees through a vigorous interview process. But earli

toe. She was certain that this

he vowed to mak

mediately. She decided to give Stell

orking on. The only task left is concerning the choice of background music for the company's upcoming anniversary party." As Luna held the nec

ked, "Is there anythi

plest aspects that went into a banquet preparatio

aining. She just threw the document to Stella and said, "The client i

went straight

stead of asking an

ent into the meeting room while

shut, a discussion broke

to work with. Not only is he picky, he's also a perver

ne. Anyway, I wi

all there was to know about the task

a pianist nam

e at the 30th anniversary party which was just around the corne

e of the document when the door of

ns and a casual shirt with

Stella Anderson and I will be responsible for discussing the cooperation concernin

d and pulled out the

is chest, he reclined in th

voided h

et to reach an agreement with us for the use of your piano piece. Is there a reason for that? If you have

e as his eyes wand

you are currently preparing to go on a nationwide tour soon. I promise that this won't affect your preparations. On the c

"I have to say that you make quite an attractive

through the contract. If you have a problem with any

ds at the back of his head. "Reading is so much work. Worse ye

Stella was i

it to me?" Henry's eyes glistened

er lips and too

y years, she had come across all kinds o

loud didn't seem tha

le still making sure she was a safe distance from h

ut she could feel his burning st

r the heeb

ened up and tried to concent

nry leaned o

ked out of

y, he leaned

ou have got there. It goes w

out with the intention

hand away. Instead, she leaned back further a

rder one and send it to your company after th

wanted to work with me. But it turns out I was wrong. I'm a very busy man,

s and looked at her w

n, the door wa

ration is

tthew walked in. He stood in fr

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