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When Love Comes Late

Chapter 8 Good Liar

Word Count: 1081    |    Released on: 18/08/2023

nd's line of vision until

ly and gave Neville a hard

gry, so he knew he risked getting his

ardly and zipp

er, the banquet o

his opening speech. As soon as he was

At this time, Stella could fin

looked at it, but there was

usy to check

eyes as she put away her p

he banquet to end. Stella headed backstage to se

o Vivien who was standing with

ave been wait

uble the moment she saw Vivien, so she began

olitely, "Is there any

nding!" Viv

she remained as calm and polite as possible. "Since you don't nee

he yelled, "Do you think you can talk to me like that because Matthew supports you? Don't you

a had a charisma that easily m

against her in front of so many people, Vivien

atthew had never given any

e glared at Stella. She looked as i

ene, so she said in a low voice

d at Vivien and bega

ay when she suddenly

her balance, Stell

n the tail of Stella'

uld leave? I'm not done speaking yet! Do

mpatience and coldness

mpered, she couldn't take Vi

the eye and ordered, "Ge

omped on the dress until i

just because you are glaring at me? Oh, come on! I'm not afraid. Even if you

e yourself. Your new movie was recently promoted.

s deepened. She snorted disdain

ut let me remind you that the scene of you

direction of the s

cent roles you portray on the screens, then I'm sure the audience


't retort, she deci

ised her glass and emptied i

she took a step back, the wine still tou

he threw the glass to the floor a

Stella grabbed

I said let go!" Viv

pose, but you only smashed a glass here. Don't you think you have stepped out of line? I don't under

ntences came ou

, Stella let go roughly and

mark on her wrist. Rubbing it, she threatened, "Just

ut on her, not

d at her rec

Group could be so arrogant. There and then, she vowed to make su

in her mind, Matthew's voic


xpression. She stretched her hand to

your PR offi

, Vivien felt free

, Matthew always

ain, "She was so rude to me. She called my unprintable names and also said that my c

th her other hand and forced a tear. Sh

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