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When Love Comes Late

Chapter 5 Grandma's Advice

Word Count: 1100    |    Released on: 18/08/2023

usband, Maverick, still hadn't arrived. She was on h

nly to find that h

ly, "I'm here to mee

t in the mood to talk, Stella did

ound and left wit

t her watch. It was already seven forty.

one and read the message

rror in the ad

r agreeing to come? Was he

et the woman he was married to? Did he

h several questions, Stell

After swallowing a mouthful forcefully, she set down

ping you? If tonight isn't convenient for

a little when he saw

hate Maveric

s such a jerk! How dare he stand you up twice on the same day?

to the fire!" Juliette h

ent and zipped up his lips even though

her in a soft voice, "Don't look so sad,

elieved that true love could happen to Stella and her husband

without sayi

at her ph

adn't replied he

seen it or that he w

wife and her boyfriend had been ha

r. For some reason, he didn't want Stell

e would explode at any moment. He had just gotten

nd saw that his wif

wed as soon as he

ssing another man in public, but she still dared


outrageous things, but none of them came close to what his wife just did. She

so irri

ide, started the igni

long drive around the city. It was a

is mansion was his grandmother, Lucia Clark.

ook at the time! Why di

ed at the clock his grandmother pointed to and then sighed.

g glare. "Stella's grandfather told me that you didn't pick her up from the airport. Where the hell h

sness flashed thro

lly put his coat on the

he told her everything he

ny mistresses when he was alive. His philandering led to my birth. Even if

lled out in a soft to

en through. As always,

be nothing like my father. I intend to stay faithful to my wife, and I e

of silence after he

y investigating. I did that before I got you to marry Stella. She's not a promiscuous w

his lips and

to face," Lucia suggested. "Since you two never dated, you should sp

the topic. "It's getting pretty late. I'll ask the driv

she saw his sunken eyes and tired lines o

mother home, Matthew la

nately kept popping into his mind. He couldn't shake it off n

it was going to work out. May

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