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I Got Married Without You

I Got Married Without You


Chapter 1 Fleeting Illusions: The Contracted Affair

Word Count: 997    |    Released on: 10/11/2023


true love came back. He canceled our contract and told me to get lost. I thought that after five years, his frozen heart wou

ouse as requested. Per their contract, she had to be thoroughly cleaned “inside and out” without any traces of perfume or makeup. She st

” he demanded. His voice was cold and emotionless, weighing heavily on Amelia’s heart. James was enigmatic; Ameli

s of warmth. James might seem noble and restrained, but he showed no such thing when it came to s*x. He was never tender with her. No sweet talk, no soft kisses. Just s*x. He had been abroad o

water sound and saw a slender figure reflected on the frosted glass. Amelia was surprised because James usually left without waiting for her to

s hair fell onto his bronze skin, slowly sliding down his abs, the firm and strong lines carrying a deadly temptation. His face was finely chise

nce, you can tell this man was not easy to get along with. Seeing that Amelia

rned around, and handed her a document. “I’m canceling our contract, you’re fired.” He said fired. Not

ause he didn’t want her to be his secret lover anymore. After being with him for five years, Amelia alw

ressed. “The contract will expire in six months. Can’t we wait for a little longer?” she asked, somewhat plead

gret at all, as if he was kicking away a toy he had grown tired of playin

her illusion. Amelia took the contract and put on a fake smile, attempting to feign indifference. “Don’t be so serious, I was

only a hint of excitedness… or relief? James frowned and asked, “You’re glad it’s over?” Amelia nodded like she didn’t care. “Y

or have children, but in front of James, she had to leave with dignity and grace. She forced a

leave. “Do whatever you want.” Those were the last words he said before he left. Looking at his back, Amelia’s smile faded. James h

He really is

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