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I Got Married Without You

Chapter 5 Unwanted Echoes: Living As A Substitute

Word Count: 907    |    Released on: 10/11/2023

s Subs

ce. Bella craned her neck and looked at their backs with envy. “Mr. Evans personally pick

lready taking over as CEO, so the old shareholders may not be completely convinced she’s up to the task. By p

“Jesus… you do look a bit like her, Amelia

said abruptly, and then she go

la looked at Amelia’s thi

ause she thinks Emily is so much luckier than her

always been two-faced, so it was b

as so anxious that she swallowed it down without drinking any water. After calming down for a few long

ken and her skin dull. ‘But Emily…’ While she was in a daze, the bathroo

ffortless elegance. It was like Bella said. She wasn’t just beautiful

She quickly lowered her head, pulled out a tissue, and turned to leave. “W

y years as this woman’s “substitute”. Emily walked up to her and smiled g

rt, lowered her head, and nodded at E

the time, and said to her, “I’m going to hold a board meeting in half an hour.

she had not resigned yet, so she still had to do whatever Emily asked her to. Amelia h

O. Her confidence and brilliance were a stark contrast to Amelia. She felt as though she wa

raight to the break room. She made a simple coffee and went to ask one of the others to send it to the C

se.” Emily’s gentle voice came from inside. After taking a dee

e was mentally prepared to see James, she hadn’t expected this sight. Her h

ort, she quickly lowered her eyes and pretended as i

here, thank you.” Amelia nodded, put the coffee on Emily’s desk, a

the wall to regain her balance. The way Emily sat so comfortably in his lap… It remi

d James’s hands touching Emily’s body while she sat in his lap, the same way that James had touched her first. But no… that wasn’t correct. It wasn’t her that James

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