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I Got Married Without You

Chapter 4 Unveiling Heartbreak: Unrequited Realizations

Word Count: 761    |    Released on: 10/11/2023

ng Los

red excitedly, “Didn’t you say that the CEO of the Evans Group wasn’t interested in wom

try to be more informed about these things, Bella. How can y

now, I’m all ears!” Bella said,

But she turned him down to focus on her studies, so they split up. They haven’t even contacted each other for the last five years. But as soon as Ms. Moore

round eyes, and almost exclaimed, “Oh my

back. But if he already had a childhood love, why did he buy her for one night five years ago? And after sleeping with her just once, he even forced her to sign a contract to c

epartment managers walked out first. Right after, a man in a luxurious suit with a cold aura followed. He had a face and body carved and chiseled by the gods, with the same aloof temperament

“Mr. Evans, Ms. Moore, here is the p

melia saw her face, she finally understood why James bought her for the night and made their contract, all those years ago. Except for a few minor differences, Amelia had almost the

body, turning her face pale. Bella immediately asked wi

of them over. She quickly lowered her eyes and didn’t dare look them in the eyes. She c

nything you need, Ms. Moore.” Ms. Moore nodded, looked at everyone, and said softly,

her and James, their bodies writhing and entwined in bed. Every time, he’d softly call out a name that she could never fully

ocating feelings of humiliation and abandonment overwhelmed her, and she couldn’t fight her tear

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