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I Got Married Without You

Chapter 2 Unwanted Riches: Cold Gestures Of Departure

Word Count: 632    |    Released on: 10/11/2023

ver Used His Mone

He didn’t love her, let alone allow her to get pregnant. After having sex, Andrew would always come with the pill and he would stand there watching to make sure she took it. Staring at t

n, afraid that she would cause trouble on the last night with James. Amelia glanced at him, took

se and placed them in front of Amelia. “Ms. Garcia, this is Mr. Evans’ compensation for you.

she truly wanted. “I don’t want it,” Ameli

ken. Even Andrew thought she was doing it for the money, let alone James. He offered her such a hig

it to Andrew. “This is all the money James paid me over the years, I never spent a single p

e years? Amelia didn’t care whether Andrew believed her or not. She placed the card on the pile

ragile. She tightened her beige coat, gritted her teeth, and walked back to her apartment in her high heels. She pushed the door open. It was huge

n Amelia began to pack. Then, his cold gaze was fixed on the debit card.

the card. Other than the money that Mr. Evans transferred to Amelia every month, there was another mil

in half. He pushed the pile of deed certificates and other things towards Andrew and said in a cold voice,

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