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Resisting My Possessive Ex-husband

Resisting My Possessive Ex-husband


Chapter 1 Betrayal

Word Count: 1128    |    Released on: 11/10/2023


tightly. I tried to take deep breaths and

Patrick, my husband, suddenly ent

is face, but I kept calm and told

sked when he finally noticed that I did not welcome him home in the usua

oday. An anonymous mess

e message all abou

er woman in a bar!" I shouted and locked eyes

n possible?" He looked so confused and guileless. I

my phone onto the coffee table, di

nd his lips parted as he searched for word

in. It's not what

You told me it was just once! Why am I seeing pictures of you w

I was too careless and reckless. I didn't know when these pictures wer

spent at that bar, but you waved me off, saying I was worrying too much! I did not know you were act

ser, reaching out to touch my

f this to happen. Rose is not my lover; pl

rayal? These pictures clearly show that you bot

ith tears, and his voice cra

ith her in a state of excitement when I went to the bar with my friends, b

hat ever since you started hanging out with them, you have become distant and secreti

our love. What happened to the man

to the floor, and he said, "I can't blame my friends

ced you and introduced you to that disgusting bar

running down my cheeks. Why was he even

f what truly mattered, which is you. I promise to do whatever it

is betrayal. I need to figure out what I wa

he house and sort out my feelings. I don

ke it right, to earn back your trust," he desperately

ings. Staying in this marriage without addressing my feelings won't be fair

,Suzy. I made a horrible mistake, but I don't want to lose you, Su

I need time to heal and to understand if I can bear this betrayal. It hurts

rt me to see him this sad. But I was hurt by his acti

hatever it takes to make things right, even if it mean

y-packed boxes. The tears would not sto

f the pictures, and it was truly devastating that

the police car packed downstairs. What

make room for them to pass. The police hardly came to our neighborhood. It

relessly to earn money to make ends meet. We were only able to ma

mind still wandered b

they loo

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