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Resisting My Possessive Ex-husband

Chapter 5 Buried Past

Word Count: 1346    |    Released on: 11/10/2023


tions when I saw Patrick. I was

e years ago suddenly flashed

, Patrick, and ho

it's ni

me anymore. Call me Susan, and you still h

met new friends and they tried shortening my name to 'suzy'

ast person you want to see, but can we talk? There

rick. Please leave this instant and

destroying the love and trust we once shared, but giv

think you can waltz in here after five years,

f you ca

am Susan." That name brought back memories that I

to speak

gh of a mess in my life? Haven't you seen me d


heart apart, Patrick. I loved you, and you shattered ev

, I spent these years reflecting on my actions. I h

ars, but I quickly brushed them aw

to realize your mistakes?

at a lot has happened all these years, bu

years trying to heal and move on. I don't want to be

s. He touched my cheeks affectionately and whispered si

ecalling how much his touch had soothed me in t

ow much I enjoyed his light, f

ne rang, jolting me back to my senses. My eyes wide

ating, I slapped him. He looked at

? I felt anger and hurt towards Patrick, and yet... something mo

l life I had now with George and Isabe

rned to Patrick and coldly

derstand, Suzy. I will leave for now, but I won't give up on y

mine and will always be," he

diately I shut the door. I co

ed the sweet memories we once shared toget

eautiful as what we shar

my grandmother's place to sort out my emotions. I st

Patrick. Despite all he did to me, I still

to our home and saw the same bartender I caught wi

use? Where is Patrick? Get o

wants you? Immediately after you left, he called me, and we spe

hen she uttered those words

; we exhausted the last one last nigh

r. I went inside and packed my remaining belongings

and when I was done, I left our apartment

lly dawned on me that he had moved on. In a state

ver the divorce papers to him. He appeared shocked and conso

he divorce papers, and my worst fears

e when he saw the divorce papers. Rather

to stay there anymore. I packed a few of my bag

as I could from the city. I wan

ed there. I met George there, who c

love again. It took me a long time before I finally op

t healed and married George, who finally con

a picture of me, George, and Isabella. I traced my finger alon

Our lives have taken different paths

t nature. When he sets his attention on

ves. I dreaded the idea of Patrick's presenc

uld cause if he were to uncover the truth

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