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Resisting My Possessive Ex-husband

Chapter 4 A happy home

Word Count: 1092    |    Released on: 11/10/2023


ears l

do you? And you know we can't skip meals, especially when you have to

s lunch pack? I left it on the kitchen

, honey," h

ave gotten married to a caring and peaceful man like h

aid, handing me the lunch pack I h

la has her doctor's appointment with Dr. Geor

! Thanks for remi


Be a good girl, okay? I love you." I kiss

aven't kissed me yet,

I strode forward to George, who leaned forward and puckered

need to be reminded how much you lov

nd said to him, "Such a big baby, I de

our number one baby,"

to take Isabella to school! Sh

George, Isabella would def

be a dinner party with some business associates later th

t these events. They are always so

parties, and I wasn't quite used to the etiq

siness partner will be there, and I want to introduce you to him

. What will you ever do with

savior, without you, my life is

such a

honey,no one

lf. I wouldn't want my beautiful wife to look tired

and unproductive at home. I have skills and talents to con

b, stating that he could provide comfortably for me and our d

tress herself when I am capable of taki


't want you to stress yourself. We agreed that it's best for you to take care o

ng. "I understand your intentions, darling, but sometimes I just want to be able to p

with me. You are always my lucky charm, and I won't hesitate to show the wo

ely a charmer!"

rds the car, the loud honk of

he will be late for school if we keep stan

day! She's definitely getting impatient these d

reat day,


back to the house to tidy up the kitchen. Ge

me? One of the reasons I conceded to George was because I

bella. I had just gone through a long and difficult la

hat Isabella was born autistic

or information about autism and trying to comprehe

doubts and concerns. But through it all, there was George, who

felt overwhelmed and physica

sitation, caring for Isabella a

doing in the kitchen. I didn't know when my mind had wandere

ard the bell ring. George must have forg

t else d


ocked eyes with the man I th

rick, my

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