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Resisting My Possessive Ex-husband

Chapter 3 A Sacrificial Love

Word Count: 1000    |    Released on: 11/10/2023


ppen to her? I hope she is fine? What's going on?" I asked w

and she filed for divorce. I am sorry,

ht she said she needed some time alone! What

broke at the thought of losing Susan. The

ng. She only handed the divorce papers to me and told me to give them to you. I wanted to

ough so much lately." I said as I slumped back in my c

Susan doesn't love me anymore? How could she thin

riedly and asked, "What do

the essence of everything I did if the person I

ill sign the divorce papers and relieve her

fair to you, you started all these things so that you bot

nt her burdened with the knowledge that it was her illness and our desperate fin

sh reality of the choices you made, but I still thin

her eyes or the guilt she would carry if she

years ago when she came to stay with her

to move in with her grandmother. She went through a

y had time for herself. She almost quit sch

a dropout. I helped her pay some of her tuition fees an

ther, who never cared about me. She gave birth

15 and did so many menial jobs to earn a living

ver a mother to me. I started living alone and was fen

and heartbroken. It took a while for her to

ege, we got married. She worked as a receptionist in

azed down by fire, and Susan had to take

r Susan would never let me watc

t, Patrick. But right now, we need to focus on building a strong defense and clearin

a grateful smile and was gl

or how hard it gets. I will also fight to prove my inn

t's the spirit, Patrick. We won't give up. We will gather al

e the divor

the divorce papers to me. I slowly ope

red her beautiful handwriting. I couldn't help

en signing these documen

y name on the divorce papers. With each st

t I would take good care of Suzy and stand by her sid

rce papers to Sebastia

me, and when I get out of here and fin

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