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Resisting My Possessive Ex-husband

Chapter 2 The Allure of wealth

Word Count: 991    |    Released on: 11/10/2023


love of my life. I only wanted to provide the

that I didn't know I was pushing away t

nced my life. When I started hanging out with them at the bar, I became so

hey were taken. Was it Rose who planned all this? For what purpos

to leave me. I deserved it, thou

my mistakes. Shortly after, there

ent. Who could that be? I hesitated for a

ctives, one male and one femal

ick G

ere a problem, officer

drug trafficking and also for the mur

f color; shock and di

.. I have no idea about a

We have evidence linking you to the c

nt two days in the station until Sebastian, my friend a

ow are you

red and confu

e police had arrested me but just kept

s strong. They found your fingerprints at the crime scene, and you happ

easiest job Daniel introduced to me, and it paid the

ed briefly on the phone that night, and that was it. I was with Rose

bar to search for her after you told them you were with her at the

ng on? How could Ros

ocent, Sebastian," I said, ho

We will fight this in court, but for now, you must prepare yourself for the

ug trafficking, Patrick? This is unlike you to e

narrated a painful memory that got me entan

ospital bills. I felt so useless that I couldn't take good care of her.

. He introduced me to the business of selling drugs, and It was paying the bills pre

me? You know I will alwa

where I did a part-time job years ago. He looked distressed

for his school fees. I offered him my salary I

iend ever since and has never hesit

eep disturbing you for everything; you have do

ese, you need to speak with her. she will understand t

Rose. That was my own selfish desire, and besides, I woul

efinitely be disappointed in me. I hid this part of my

new Suzy was going to her late grandparent's home to think

eird way and reluctantly told

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