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My billionaire CEO is impotent

My billionaire CEO is impotent

Author: dfa123

Chapter 1 I'm Not Interested in Women!

Word Count: 1398    |    Released on: 03/04/2024


et an

als are luxurious and honorable, much

ly in an exclusive cus

anner, his lapel was half-open, his posture was casual, and he didn't mind sho

er the ornate floor lamps

und, no

aking one look at the contours of the man's impecc

dsome man suffer from se

t like bein

her mask and gloves, pulled out her acupuncture

t his waist, clutching the edges of h

eyes steely and bursting with harsh, murderous

tion is

h ..

ly turned upside down in front of her eyes an

shook from t

were pressed

wn to the crook of his legs, and his thin lips pursed up in a flash of anger as he

d you I'm not interested in women!


lness wasn't interested in

ld only make small sounds, like a frightened deer

ly brought his pants

nes of his leg

e be such a sh

e trying to give me a baby, don't y

d the belt around her neck, alm


have a baby? What

ifted and slammed heavily into his arms, the medical mask falling f

ciously rubbed haphazardly

g through the air

e a little cherry-colored

re instinctively shot straight through his

ly, and he felt no pain, only

red her ha

warmer   than he t

force her closer to him, the warmth of her body mesmeriz

ser .

mer .


o w

is confusion, Aaron

hands and feet, so they sent him such a wo

control him?

est back into the bed menacingly, and was met with

iaphanous color, like the moon in the night sky, inconspicu


e, the annoyance in his narrow eyes

...... is

She c

that tight immediately took a big breath and shoute


ave a kni

timidatedby his stern gaze that

re you l

and cupped her face int

rn l

rn r


her face; it wa

ed off her shirt, his brown eyes locking onto

pink mark on her hear

is i

lly her, o

d at all, you're exactly the s

close at her bright skin, squeezin

e she's in her early 20s, maintaining her y

must be

, a few tremors between his fingers, tryi

of a sudden like a thread of

what you're saying ...

dn't push him

'll either be murdered

g for the spilled acupuncture box, and pinched up a ne

a and had learned the amazing


n as his entire body c

pushed the mountain aside and sat up unc

did you

in pain as his face bega

tage of me and trying to murder me, I'll call t

ndignantly ripped the belt off her


was harder

ly red at the corners and he

e hi

to be so ge

sound of continuous thr

t was firmly clutche

was Serena's

s were fierce and wolf-like as he stared at her, smelling like a hunt,

can .

as complet

ix points of force, like a million ants biting, unable to draw o

e a mo

you endure

years, and your reunion

with all his might and tossed it aside, glaring at her menac

the strength to p

hey, sta

e sat straight back, her hands g

been half-faded from the entanglement, ma

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