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My billionaire CEO is impotent

My billionaire CEO is impotent



The first time they met, he had already ripped off the pants of the cold-faced King of Hell. He thought that he would be tricked to death, but who knew that billions of letters of appointment would fall from the sky. Could it be that there was a good reward for doing wrong? But why did he always look like he wanted to eat her? "Fold the quilt on the bed!" "Yes, CEO." "Put the pillow on the bed properly!" "Yes, CEO." "Warm the bed for me!" "Yes, chief…ah?" Mr. President, how do you warm it?

Chapter 1 I'm Not Interested in Women!

= Quiet.

  Quiet anomaly.

  The VIP wards of top private hospitals are luxurious and honorable, much more so than the presidential suite.

  The man lounges lazily in an exclusive customized white hammock.

  His narrow eyes were tightly closed, his thin lips pursed in a tantalizing manner, his lapel was half-open, his posture was casual, and he didn't mind showing people his lean and sexy waistline, as well as his long and perfect legs.

  A silhouette crossed over the ornate floor lamps toward the king-sized bed.

  No sound, no breath.

  Serena Brooks stood still in front of the bed, taking one look at the contours of the man's impeccable features and another at the case in her hand.

  Eh, how can such a handsome man suffer from sexual erectile dysfunction.

  Isn't that like being a eunuch?

  Serena belted out, put down her case, put on her mask and gloves, pulled out her acupuncture box, and reached out toward the man on the bed.

  Her hands, clean and thin, landed at his waist, clutching the edges of his pants and pulling them down sharply.

  Aaron Donovan's eyes snapped open, his brown eyes steely and bursting with harsh, murderous intent as he reached out to clasp the thin wrist.

  The action is vicious.

  "Ah ......"

  Serena screamed in pain as the world suddenly turned upside down in front of her eyes and she had been pinned down on the soft quilt.

  The hammock shook from their movements.

  Their bodies were pressed close together.

  The coolness from underneath him made Aaron look down, his pants had been slid down to the crook of his legs, and his thin lips pursed up in a flash of anger as he fished out the belt of the bathrobe he'd tossed aside and cinched it around her neck.

  "It's not over yet, is it? I told you I'm not interested in women! How dare you send me to bed, huh?"


  Of course she knew his illness wasn't interested in women, but what had she sent?

  Serena was stuck breathing so hard that she could only make small sounds, like a frightened deer, desperately stomping her legs to try to get out.

  The stomp completely brought his pants down to his ankles.

  The toned lines of his legs were exposed.

  How can there be such a shameless woman?

  Aaron is furious, "You want to die trying to give me a baby, don't you? Well, let's see what you can do!"

  When he finished, he tightened the belt around her neck, almost to the point of killing her.

  "Well, uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh!"

  Who's going to have a baby? What's wrong with him?

  Serena was strangled speechless as her entire body was brutally lifted and slammed heavily into his arms, the medical mask falling from her face between the friction and her gloves flung off with it.

  In pain, her face unconsciously rubbed haphazardly against his sturdy chest.

  The hammock swung through the air in an irregular arc.

  Her lips were soft, like a little cherry-colored petal tickling his heart.

  Aaron's mind shook as an impulse of desire instinctively shot straight through his body's meridians, screaming to be vented.

  Her hand slapped him defiantly, and he felt no pain, only a warmth that teased him wildly.

  He captured her hand in one.

  It was softer and warmer   than he thought it would be.

  Aaron's eyes grew dark as he pulled her hand tighter to force her closer to him, the warmth of her body mesmerizing him and he wanted to devour all the tenderness in her.

  Closer ......

  Warmer ......

  That's it.

  No way!

  In the midst of his confusion, Aaron came to his senses.

  Those people knew he was born with cold hands and feet, so they sent him such a woman for warmth? That's quite a brainstorm.

  Trying to control him? Delusional!

  Aaron pressed the restless little head on his chest back into the bed menacingly, and was met with a face suffocatingly scarlet, with rounded lines.

  Her shallow eyebrows were tinted with a touch of gently diaphanous color, like the moon in the night sky, inconspicuous but one could not help but want to get closer and closer.

  Deja vu.

  Aaron's entire body froze in place, the annoyance in his narrow eyes fading to disbelief, "Who are you?"

  "Well umm ...... is your doctor."

  Huh? She can talk?

  Serena realized that the neck strangulation wasn't that tight immediately took a big breath and shouted angrily, "Murder you! Let go of me let go of ......"

  "No moving! Show me!"

  Aaron gave a knightly cry.

  Serena was so startled and intimidatedby his stern gaze that she actually didn't move at all.

  What are you looking at?

  Aaron snapped a hand and cupped her face into a small bun-like shape.

  Turn left;

  Turn right;

  Two more turns.

  He scrutinized her face; it was the same face.

  Seemingly thinking of something, Aaron ripped off her shirt, his brown eyes locking onto the snow-white rise and fall of her breasts.

  There was a cherry-pink mark on her heart, like a fallen petal.

  This is it!

  It's really her, only ......

  "How come you haven't changed at all, you're exactly the same as you were a decade ago?"

  The man's narrow eyes stared up close at her bright skin, squeezing it, soft with no wrinkles at all.

  He's 29 years old and she still looks like she's in her early 20s, maintaining her youth for over a decade? How is that possible.

  There must be a problem!

  Aaron's cold hands roamed over her body, a few tremors between his fingers, trying to check out a few more things on her.

  The ambiguous breath was all of a sudden like a thread of fire quickly ignited and swam.

  "I can't understand what you're saying ...... Stop it, stop it!"

  Serena couldn't push him any further.

  No, at this rate, she'll either be murdered or raped by a "eunuch".

  She reached up and fumbled around on the bed, feeling for the spilled acupuncture box, and pinched up a needle with both fingers and stuck it in the man's armpit.

  She had been in faraway China and had learned the amazing healing art called acupuncture.


  Aaron grunted in pain as his entire body collapsed on top of hers.

  "Heavy you are!" Serena panted as she pushed the mountain aside and sat up unclothed, sweat seeping from her pale skin.

  "What did you do to me?"

  Aaron gritted his teeth in pain as his face began to turn white and sweaty.

  "It's what you did that's right! Taking advantage of me and trying to murder me, I'll call the police after I've taught you a good lesson!"

  Serena sat down on Aaron's ass, indignantly ripped the belt off her neck, and slapped Aaron in the face.


  The smack was harder than a slap.

  Aaron's lips were immediately red at the corners and he looked at her with disbelief.

  She hit him?

  She used to be so gentle ......

  Serena didn't hear the sound of continuous thrashing as she had hoped.

  The end of the belt was firmly clutched by a slender hand.

  This time it was Serena's turn to freeze.

  Aaron was lying on the bed, one hand pulling the belt tight, his eyes were fierce and wolf-like as he stared at her, smelling like a hunt, his voice grim, "Do you think I'll give you a second chance to hit me?"

  "How can ......"

  Serena was completely stunned.

  The acupoints there would be sore all over when pierced with six points of force, like a million ants biting, unable to draw out an ounce of strength at all, and she had studied it many times.

  Is he a monster?

  How can you endure such pain?

  "I haven't seen you in years, and your reunion gift to me is a needle?"

  Aaron got up, gritted his teeth and pulled the needle out with all his might and tossed it aside, glaring at her menacingly, sweat dripping down the fine musculature of his chest.

  You still have the strength to pull out the needle?

  "Hey, hey, stay back!"

  Serena was so startled that she sat straight back, her hands gripping the ropes of her hammock.

  The clothes on her body had long since been half-faded from the entanglement, making it difficult to hide her springtime.

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