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My billionaire CEO is impotent

Chapter 3 He Hasn't Forgotten Her

Word Count: 1417    |    Released on: 03/04/2024

eyes up, only to see a group of men in black suits coming

ldiers in

oor-to-ceiling glass refrac




walked out onto the terrace's enormous balcony

ea of land, lush green, birds chirping but no trace of wings, the sunlight through the gaps in the branc

the bodyguards on either side stood straight, not

s beau

walks over to one side of the table

ld-stamped appointment b

dscape, she was still in a trance, feel

she works, she pulled down Aaron's pants and en

hat woe would come from heaven, but she didn't expect th

a 24-hour doctor to

but she had always wanted money without even ask

g her bags into Donova

own decisiveness, and it was a much eas

aron had been out of the country for a month and hadn't called her, so

ound and waiting


m outside the balcony, followed

to see servants in uniform running around with nervous faces, boxes o

be back soon, how can you work in

ained yet, the young ma

they're talkin

we be so

palace with such a big show, just like the em

her perch and says to herself with

aster's ex-girlfriend, and young master is not too repulsed by her.Quickly let her go to young master


d her eyebrows

Donovan's family had been so anxious because of Aaron's lack of love for w

ot that he doesn't get close to women,

moving his ex-girlfr

back, don't

er here and that's why he was so angry, but then he seemed to have m

that man, to keep forgetting about her so she can eat and drink

ing, his cell pho

the other side, "Dr. Brooks, Mr. Donovan is not

e hung up without wait


combined after a month, she hadn't bee

't want to see th

s she could she

e's already been paid and ha

her go to th

'd run into your ex-girl

s seduction, the time of realizing that Aaron can't do it, the time of Aaron

t live with the Donovan family and

ps sounded in th

ed open the embossed door and flashed her most stan

wasn't for the fact that you're so powerful, I'd be spe

of the bed shouting hysterically, so cool that

frozen on Sere


still hasn't ca

yle leather couch against the window, holding a document and reading it with his hea

htly open, his legs folded under his pants, his legs l

iquely powerful aura that makes i

's A

ou're a loser! You're useless in bed! I'll dance in

th sharp and revealing directness

d sco

ce w

rious at the thought that the man had a

take it out for her

tead she suddenly took two steps forward and dropped to her knees in fro

miss you so much, really ...... how about we get back toge


majestic look just now? Wh

rent eyes, not a trace of tenderness in his eyes, and

easure crept into

edicine, there are also many auxiliary props ...... really, really." The woman cried pathetic

ched her chin, "Any

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