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My billionaire CEO is impotent

Chapter 2 You've been messing with it for a long time

Word Count: 1421    |    Released on: 03/04/2024

know you'

look, clearly not m

m the needle puncture point, he could only bend one leg to kne

in her line of sight looked like

is aggr

r Serena, not knowing whe

shrank back in fear, "That, that what, you let me go,

away from here now, not w

sue this? But I have no in

or word, escape

of her feet, as if the devil had


death, and the man was

was no match

d and jerked one of her slender le

could only do so much, otherwise,

t hu

and twisting of her body

s he go

er upraised leg against his own sweaty body, then

ked down

ped onto her lips so pale with pai

erted, you dead eunuch? It h


continued to press

ain esc

, you have to stop pressing ...... please, please

h, the tendons in his legs were abru

ed like it had been to

was almos

y are you being such a jerk! I'm just here for acupu

o! Back then you lied to me that

at her, his eyes l

n't kno



another sound for fear tha

rners of her eyes, wetting

ucking at her doctor's white gown, his cool fingertips sliding all

ng for her for to

-aged woman, but I didn't rea

d methodically, like he was caressing a valuable work of art, before finally stop

ng was getting de

n't really

y to feel a fire rise up inside of he

resignation was that she mig

bed covers and closed her eyes in despair,

nded maneuvers

d aside so hard by a large pal

and sinister voice rang out above her h


y gone and she opened her eyes in shock to see

his lean body, translucent and radiating hormonal sensuality as

the VIP Privilege Ward, the


essed her down on the bed, and a


d that it was really an impaired disease, touc

the ability to t


of ...... preser

from the bed, feeling her aching le

nyone else i

rena saw a surveillan

g that just happened was s

eunuch is

and tries to smash

looks back, handsome to the

stay there until I ge


t want to see what I, A

tone of a

ra is co

fell to her knees and yelled "yes", only to come bac

been molested and she's waiti

as she pulled her clothes together and reached


d so

liar when I was reading the case, and I al

that the dean ordered three times dur

d to pass through, and there are three rows of security guards standing at the

powerful man who controls a

ssy, extremely eccen

itals to admit him because he was so nervous about receivin

rket stall because the volume of his lecture t

fits and monopolizing the market, and was forcibly taken out of the scene on live televisio


exams as a small intern doctor at a private

umors to the man who had nearly stra

aracter ......100 she c

up like this, what could she, a s

ars of studying medicine, she doesn't want to

orror and jumped decisively out of bed, fl

e to run from the hosp

potless, with cherry-colored blossoms fro


was a ha

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