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My billionaire CEO is impotent

Chapter 4 You seem to be particularly interested in my pants. 

Word Count: 1316    |    Released on: 03/04/2024

the woman nodded busily, "Of cou

eces of cups scattered on the floor, a fl

n eat


uddered as

alyzed with shock and looked

ng and hooked his lips in a smirk, "Ea

streaming down her face, "Aaron you w

ng time, his long fingers squeezing her chin a few more times, his

been with you fo

." Aaron suddenly curbed all smiles and kicked away the living col

d is cruel

rg sealed with snow and wind, so cold

was kicked to the side, her

put up with his so many quirks, thought she was a little differen

f she didn't follow them, s

r have tried to g

, grabbing a few shards and shoving them into her


her throat, thinking of that day of hospital ent

re in a dignified posture, watching with interest, compl

simply a devil who


she was dry heaving, h

d up his cell phone and dialed the next key

ho would dare to send wo

bang" sound, the door suddenly flooded

ueezed inside a

ed out in an extremel

cleaned up and repla

as removed and

the house to replace the perfume and

ep, full

n the entire hospital room were the man

othing ha

nd wiped them carefully, without any remorse for abusing his ex-girlfriend, b

that way, he kind of wen


work, don'

and walked towards Aaron,

ing papers, and as she got closer, Serena could see his slightly open collar, hi

were slightly drooping, his eyelashes were long and curly, his nose peak was handsome and straight

y, it's still

t was a polite smile, "Mr. Donovan , ma

it's fine, it shouldn't


a word, just focus

rong, please?" Serena ra

uly d

him about

it as

e wind under the ice, crisp


What's busi

nly sidled in her direction, lowered one of his long legs, and the end o

tional, it can't mean ..

not even

ad, and his magnetic voice

ust ...... that's not

an intern in uro

ke this disease can be

your own resignation."

s are increasin

the company that the estate


esignation? T

d, there's no reason she can't take that much left ove

after all, just touch a piece

Donovan, I

et the chart aside, and stepped forwa

rown eyes glanced over a face that looked as if she had a st

s her

with business to look f

t Donovan's for what s


face and just buried herself in her work, lift

is fast, har

and more delicate than a woman's? The Crea

the coolness beneath him, his eyes moving from Serena

as sitting

y at it when her thin wr

clasped her wrist, th

ur e

sexiest pair of e

word for word, his voice was magnetic, his tone didn't have an

d she'd stripped him of hi

rogue. Why is she so

ou're asking me for a mas

der." Aaron opened his mouth,

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