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The Tale Of Roman's Obsession

The Tale Of Roman's Obsession

Author: ree123

Chapter 1 Shadow in the dark

Word Count: 2311    |    Released on: 08/10/2023



nst skin reverberates around t

willing myself not to cr

ou ungrateful bitch.

if it's a strange thing that I don'

you and whatever bastard children you mig

sn't Mia marry him?" I as

Kate says while taking a t

not willing to be slappe

t a slut like you." Ka

do is hurt you." my father says in a ton

en you refused to honour her memory, you hurt me when you blamed me for her death and when you let your wife

't be leaving this house for college an

first degree, and law as a second on

d soon you will be a very old spinster with only

ars old." I say

by your suitor, you're getting married whether you li

about to say, "What if there was

th, "And how are you going

I forge forward, "I still have the money given to me for my up

with beady eyes alread

ople say if I couldn't get my oldest daughter settled in her own home." K

y mother. Nobody cares." I say t

the money right now and be on my way

uldn't go through with his evil plans, and I barely hol

nsfer while wondering how I would survive fo

d into the car. I had been in the middle of a class when I had received a call from my stepmo

ot to return here unless the

ady gone, I go straight to my hostel, planning to rest my ey


n the college grounds. With the help of my roommat

serving are my colleagues, but right now, I can't afford

to my co-worker, Grace, who i

she says in

e best friends, so I don't t

staff lockers before making my way back int

get for you?" I say to my

for the whole restaurant to hear. She looks at her friends

on't bother turning to answer her, seeing

ar to high school students, but apparen

t she gives me a hesitant look, looking between me

or me, anything to stop myself from being infected

hing duties." Grace whispers

itchen area. I tell myself not to respond as I hear them laughing a

se you dumb twat." I can't help but smile

back at me but nothing will sto

I bid my boss goodbye, and I walk t

the moment I step insi

le of books, "You look like

in, I had a run-in with Kyl

es, "I can ju

ll next week, I'm so tired." I say

to party all night." Ashley says while clos

moving an inch from this bed

aid." she says while moving to

nd up from my bed, "you forget

only young once."

don't bother with makeup, and I let my hair down, too tired to stress about it. I pair my dress

Ashley says while looki

half as good as y

re all in my bag before I turn to follow A

Ashley responds like she couldn

I had to come back alone, which wa

ee both boys and girls roaming the front yard of a very ma

oudly over the loud bass of the music

get me any vodka." I say with an almost ga

don't have to look for you." Ashl

s hanging all over the sitting room and I know for sure this

t until I spot Ashley h

r be part of the wall." she sa

I take it out of my purse, I see it's Kate calling. I had just

thought of what had gone down yes

, using the name we had g

as fast as I did mine. Good thing it's beer

e alcohol, aye?" As

r effect but I don't let he

ays while grinding he

I throw my head back while moving

o guys, I get bored and I head off in the direction of the drinks. I do

ding, I had taken a detour and had gotten water instead of

s to the fraternity house. Some guys step out of the car, and although there are a

ds him and I almost do a complete

d when she passes by me, she snark

ng to put a target on my

pose, he acts like he's the king and everyone else is his subject. I don't blam

s in the direction of the house,

de move to enter the house, I'm guessing to be in

able. I feel the eyes of someone staring at me, I look around at the semi da

hed becomes ten times worse. I look around for Ashley and I

ough the sea of bodies b

e blonde haired girl

ross to Ashley and I move in the direction

h growl with hunger and without much thought

head back with careless abandon, I spot a shadow leaning on the woo

sible in order not to alert the shad

the main foyer of the house where most people are partying and I get a full

nsity I wouldn't touch with

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