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The Tale Of Roman's Obsession

Chapter 2 Spilled Drink

Word Count: 1961    |    Released on: 08/10/2023


tar in every females fantasy and nightmare." a voice star

turning towards the

ormation." she says while nodd

t." I say more than self-conscious, not willi

ce in that." she says drily wh

lightly. Roman, as she had called him, had come

ired and a chiselled face, he was by far the sexiest male in

voice that would make millions if he eve

ays with a steady blus

finitely hi

ing there, not knowing what the hell

uestion but grabs my hand and leads me towards the area th

gall to stare openly, stared from beneath their lashes and when my eyes meets with those of Ashley,

nts clear the road for him like he was their king. He picks up a red cup and hands it over to

e from behind, and the drinks pours on my chest, ruining m

everyone starts staring, some w

says behind me, and when I turn around,

eyes and hear the sarcasm in her t

t I couldn't focus on her, all my attention was on Roman who was

er of the night, I wouldn't be on the receiving end of Kylie's wrath, she

o I hit on my journey to the bathroom. When I get

ions, I've been through worse in the hands of Kate, my stepmothe

oll, and I dab stiffly at the front of my dress,

unless I planned on walking straight out of the party right now with my breast on display the only other opt

ther up enough courage to walk out of the p

rmination and stop short when

he said he was the star in most females' nightmar

im, but he holds out a Blackwood letter j

ed this." he says in

o Kylie, I think she needs it mor

don't want you flashing my goods to the entire

ock."You know what, this is all your fault. If you had left me

ut of the party and wouldn't be attendin

e left alone. Please leave me alone." I say while folding my arms under my bre

idering the fact that I intend to see yo

" I say as I snatch the jacket out of his hands, and

taring at him again, "Now, I've done what you said. I

any place of your choice." he says while taking a threatening step towards me. It d

A hesitant voice says fro

ve, and I almost escape unless I don't bargain for Roman to be reflexively

ays snarkily to the big guy, I'm

the hallway and this time when Roman let's go of my jacket to turn to see what had caused the noise,

nd and when I do, I spot Roman standing in the exact same spot he had been standing in earlier that

the party, I rush out of the frat house, and

n Montgomery and while I couldn't get any kind of ammunition again


I had worked all through the day yesterday, and when I wasn't working, I was w

." a voice says from my rig

ir when I see the owner of the voice

with their phones and cameras ready to video wh

tle bolstered, and I say to him, "I thought

anted." he says with that devil

you from?" I ask in

at me and doesn't

me to you?" I

I have this weird notion th


re to get her to fall in love with me, I didn't coun

and feeling the thrill of a pursuit w

she starts to squirm in her sea

one she makes nervous, b

s your class e

e says, looking at me li

e you somewher

go anywhere with you.

males attention, and to be fair, I wasn't

I say while leaning

he turns back to me. "Are yo

s was over, and I saw this as an opp

the door, probably hoping to lose me in the c

for the crowd to clear out before I move

es to move forward, making me to physically

s me a shiver which goes straight to

stare." I

I mean with your popularity and all

ponding as she cli

s side and soon I'm pulli

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