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The Tale Of Roman's Obsession

Chapter 4 Feelings

Word Count: 1617    |    Released on: 08/10/2023


ace, trying to chase away the drowsiness that comes from hours of swimming.

schedule for tomo

h a scoff, "Surely, you do no

I was just giving you a chance

omorrow, just work." She ev

new for sure she had classes and I wonder

my jeans and I take it out only to

Aella practically

onder what that's all about. When I had read her files, th

?" I ask afte

om in a car accident that could easily have been avoided if the ot

ering to tell her I already

orm building and she scrambles o

rms off into her building and I can't help b

e school grounds. I didn't bother praying for

ch takes me directly to my apartment and

med my friends had thrown a party her

shake them, waking them up roughly and shoving them out of my apartment.

an asks wit

"how hard is it to not throw a

ut you do it at your own

ger." Travis says

ing as I storm off int

pussy must not be as

grabbing my baseball bat from the floo

st joking." Logan says while co

that to rile me up." I s

e fun of Aella?" Travis asked w

fucking mouth!." I say wi

will leave right now, and come ba

d moves him out of the house n

etting my outburst. I didn't make it a habit of mine t

h, swearing to myself I w

y has me feeling like I know her too well, which is what ha

assuring myself that it

n to my inner urge to watch her. I pull up the camera feed I had the security guy at her dorm inst

all an Uber, which takes me to a bar whe


ch!" Ashley scr

e tone it down

with 'the Roman Montgomery' and you are telling

h pause before rushing towards the wall. We place our ea

ighbour was having wild sex

ravis' sh

peed of one set on fire, "I could've

prudes like you." Ashley

Roman?, it doesn't seem like he would be l

at be Travis, Roman's friend?" Ashl

ting Keisha?" I ask, referr

viously not Keisha he's

n, "this is exactly why I do not

, that doesn't mean he's the same."

be left alone, I don't have the time to be worrying abo

ley calls from he

y head up

vice and almost slam it on the wall when I take a good look at t

g the breast of a girl I've never seen be

who had helped him make it. Him and the same g

to know I was ri

cessfully avoided, we need to make

lan was, but I'm not sticking aroun

fusing. I feel very disappointed and let down, I mean, didn't that

t he was something different or at least he w

ever settled for girls like us, we are nothing more than a quick fuc

some actual fun." Ashley says while nodding her head

't refute and just go with the f

open "Holy shit, yo

e anything too special going on

u out of the room by your hair ki

inking of what to wear, "Now yo

and thank God not an

ely says while locking our door, referring to our next doo

rrupted by the open

k who it is." Travis

sion, probably wondering how I knew Trav

almost knocking me to the

ge watch some rom com movies till we pass out from exhaus

back into our room and thanking the good heav

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