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The Tale Of Roman's Obsession

Chapter 5 Blackmail

Word Count: 1614    |    Released on: 08/10/2023


d fling the half-filled tray on the counter. 'I wonder why t

y?" Greg the resta

ty." I respond angrily referr

supposed to be salty." He says

e towards the door, "Ye

t up." I say with forced cheer

ts time for my thirty minute break and I don't

ack. Last night had been too much, we had watched movies and drunk a cheap bottle of tequila

felt when through out half of day I didn't set my eyes on Roman. What wit

of water preparing myself to complete the rema

e says with a smile that shoc

miles, at lea

hind her, allowing her to lead t

ce responds while hum

nside, one male and one female, with the f

s I eventually come face to fac

fall down if not for my grip o

g your boss how we met." Rom

ds visibly swooning, "why didn't you

actly strict, we had never been close enough to have any kind of co

's not my boyfri

e here has told me everything I need

here?" I ask cutt

man says in an admonishing ton

"your boyfriend here ——" she stops, correcting herself at my glare "—— Roman says you guus ha

nd to, at least not together." I say

dad is hosting a charity bal

now about the ball, don't you have some other

alking about?" Roman

humping in that video

on you honey." Roma

re you talking a

smile with Roman and then to me She says, "as for you, you deserve a break, and even

om work or stay home irrespective of the reason but now she was giving me the remainder o

h my luck, knowing I was going to use this opportunity to rest and sleep the day o

I leave the restaurant through the back door, not expecting to find Roman a

back to my dorm, what I don't expect is for Roman to rol

ng, but when I look at Roman, he doesn't seem the least aff

n for it, he lifts me up and deposits me in the passengers seat before locking the door from his key fob. He moves

erhuman strength before we are stopping infront

." Roman says brea

ss?" I ask s

lking about the girl from the vi

I don't care." I respond, willi

me." He says before st

y door, I step out by myself, not

open the door for you." He

ntleman." I re

. Now that I'm paying more attention, I notice the upper floor of the building was mostly glass. The style and design

was almost empty, with the exception of

doing her

Roman responds with

g with you, I have classe

u back in time

anywhere with you." I say while drag

while grabbing my elbow, forc

a trembling voice, already doub

e says while stopping to sp

ing off dresses from hangers and placing them on my hand. When she is done wi

the counter contemplati

asks in a clear tone fro

ly knowing fully well he was c

ventually settles on one dress which was red in color, floor length with a low neckline showing a hin

s with various people who are supposed to meet him a

this event?"

." He r

o anywhere with yo

me." He says mos

" I ask, almost

ball with me without making a fuss." He says

even looking down, I know whatever is on it or whate

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