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Chapter 4
A girl for him
Words Count: 1032    |    Released on:25/06/2021

Rishi's pov,

I am on my way to airport to catch the flight for Delhi. I was busy in the back seat when my driver stopped the car at signal. I everted my eyes from laptop to outside the window.

Suddenly my eyes stopped on a girl riding bicycle. My eyes turned colder and I instructed Rohan to catch her who was sitting in passenger seat.

She was the robber cook whom I was searching for three months in whole Paris. I didn't know what she robbed from my house and I couldn't be calm if a mere girl can come and go as per her wish into my home.

After the signal turned green, my bodyguards followed her and I went to catch my flight.

After a while Rohan received a call from those bodyguards stating that she escaped once again. My eyes turned even colder. I just felt that the girl is not ordinary. I ordered them to keep searching.

At evening I landed to Delhi. As soon as I reached home, my mom was standing there with servants. My father was behind her with a smirk on his face like he was enjoying the show.

I only thought that there is only one thing missing and that was KKKG music track. My mother hugged me and I hugged her back.

And then upto 2 hours, she asked numerous questions. I answered patiently for 2 hours but then it was going beyond my patience. She understood I was growing impatient and then she stopped.

It was time for dinner and my little sister Rhea came after her beauty sleep. She came and hugged me. I let her sit beside my chair on dining table.

"Where is my favourite dish?" She frowned and asked. Mom looked at dining but couldn't find her favourite dish. The table was full of the dishes that I like.

"Mom, you again forget that you also have a daughter." She poutingly said. My mom just smiled embarrassingly.

She then said, "don't worry, I will make it for you right now."

"Mom, what is my favourite dish?" Rhea asked.

"Bread jam" my mom answered.

"Mom I like sandwich bread" she sternly said to mom with her hands folded across her chest.

"But bread is common in them" my mom argued.

She then shook her head disappointingly and started her melodrama. She wiped her unshed tears and said, "no one loves me, no one cares for me, I am such an unlucky child whose parents didn't remember what I like...."

I calmly interrupted her while eating my food, "I brought a list of things for someone but it's ok I will give it to..."

"My parents are best in the world. And the most good, charming, handsome man is my brother....." and her tune turned from blaming to a sweet one.

My father laughed and said, "come my princess, I have prepared sandwich bread for you"

Then the servant brought it for her and she quickly went to sit on my father's lap. She then happily chimed, "only my father loves me"

Mom and I shook our heads on her. My mom didn't talked about marriage. I am sure tomorrow will be the day.

I went back to my room and bathed. I weared a bathrobe and sat on bed to continue my work. A head popped through the door.

I don't have to think who it would be. No one came to my room without knocking except her. She came inside and sat beside me with a smile plastered on her face. I ignored her.

Then she came nearer to me and said, "brother, my things?"

"Your reportcard?" I asked without looking towards her but I know her face would have changed.

She then took out her report from behind and showed to me. I finally looked at her and took her report card. Her marks were vulnerable. I coldly looked at her but she looked downwards.

Then I took the bag from couch and handed her. She took it smilingly and quickly checked it and her smile faded away. She was about to argue when I interrupted her, "I hope you remember my condition"

She snorted at me and went back to her room. I shook my head looking at her back and sighed.

Actually I had brought all her things from her wishlist but she need to learn how to earn them otherwise she would be a spoiled child. I think she already is.

The next day after breakfast, I was about to go to my work when my mom stopped me and said she wants to talk to me. I know its time. We were sitting in the hall. My mom infront of me and dad and Rhea were waiting for the show.

My mom handed me an envelope and said, "Rishi this is girl's picture. I think you should meet her." I nodded.

"Poor girl, she would be turned into ice after meeting my brother who is a refrigerator."my sister said sarcastically.

My mom glared her and she stuck out her tongue. Then my mom continued, "Rishi, the girl is from relations with your father's friend. You must have known Sharma family. They have a huge business empire."

I nodded and remembered that their family have only one daughter who is valued as a treasure.

My mom continued, "your father's friend Kishan Sharma introduced a girl which is from the family of his brother's in-laws. We have checked the background and there is nothing wrong. Her name is Nisha Agrawal. Tell me the time according to your schedule, I will fix the meeting."

I nodded and my sister shockingly said, "brother your time will cost you to lose millions. Don't say yes."

My mother glared her and asked my father to take her away. My father laughed and they went for playing.

My mom then said, "Rishi, you can investigate her personally. If you didn't like the girl,we will look for another one. But first meet her and then decide for yourself.

I nodded and she sighed and said, "don't try to scare her off."

I again nodded and left for company.


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