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Chapter 56
Have you kidnapped their families
Words Count: 2165    |    Released on:13/09/2021

Angel's pov,

Tomorrow I am finally gonna meet my father. What will I say to him? Will he recognize me?

So many emotions are surging in me...nervousness that I never felt in my whole life. Even not in exams, not even while results. I don't even felt while my engagement.

Fear if he didn't recognized me. How will I explain? Like Hii Mister, I am your 24 year old daughter.

Anger... what he did to mom! My sufferings all these years. Mom's hatred towards me coz of him.

Uneasiness... should I blame him for these years or just forgive him. After all it's been years but mom...she is still suffering. No...I can't forgive him.

What will I call him? Dad or Mr. Sharma. Dad is like a foreign word to me.

Are all these emotions worth for a man who cheated my mom?

My mind is blocked but I could see the car coming towards a girl who was crossing the road. I just in time pulled the girl and we both fell on ground.

"Soha soha soha dear..." a middle aged woman came towards us maybe her mom.

She pulled the girl and tightly hugged her. She then checked that girl's body to find any scratches and I was just looking at them still sitting on ground.

"I am fine mom. This sister must be injured. I fell on her body." She said and the lady looked at me.

I could sense her eyes went wide after looking at me. She opened her mouth but didn't said anything.

"Let's go...it's getting late. Your father must be waiting for us" she said and dragged her daughter who was around 14-15 age while her daughter kept screaming to atleast save thank you to me.

I could sense that lady is avoiding me but I couldn't figure out why. I don't even know her.

I stood up and found my elbow, palms, knees are bruised.


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